Error on creating Print Ready file - "Please visit Lulu Support for more assistance."

Hi, I'm trying to upload a PDF file for volume 2 of a 2-book set I'm working on.  After the PDF file uploads successfully, when I go to "Make Print Ready" - it churns for a quite a while, then gives the message "Please visit Lulu Support for more assistance." and no other clues to what is wrong.  The first time I tried, I had forgotten to embed fonts and I did get a message about that.  Fixed that and now it gets past that stage, to making Lulu's print ready version. 

  I have already published several books on Lulu with few problems, so confused about this one.  I have checked the FAQ for PDF format instructions and it seems like I am doing everything as it says.  Also, I have embedded fonts and used "Print Ready" settings in NitroPDF Pro, which I use to create the PDF.  Tried tweaking other settings to see if I can find the glitch and haven't so far found the magic formula after quite a few re-creations. 

Any other suggestions are much appreciated.  This volume is smaller than the first one in the set and uses the same fonts, styles, etc. so it's really confusing to me what is happening with this one.

 Thanks in advance for any assistance Smiley Happy



  • It's a common problem.

    Try a different browser.

    Empty your Temp folders.

  • where are the "temp folders"??

    I'm struggling to create a print ready file, it keeps failing

    very frustrating...

    it seems to work randomly – sometimes, after many tries, but I cant see any specific cause


    what to do??

  • Temp Folders will be a folder assigned on your computer to store temporary files.

    If you're seeing repeated file conversion errors, that usually indicates an issue with the file during the PDF normalization - the process we use to make certain your file can be printed.

    I would review your PDF carefully, ensuring it meets all size specifications, fonts are embedded, and layers are flattened. If you're still having problems, you can contact our support team for more assistance.
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