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Creator Revenue FAQ

Glenn_LuluGlenn_Lulu Author
edited February 2018 in Creator Revenues

What are Creator Revenues?

Creator revenue is the total money you earn from the sale of your published material. Creator revenue includes Royalties and Other Revenue.

  • Royalties
    When a creator buys a Lulu distribution service and their material is assigned a Lulu-owned ISBN, Lulu becomes the publisher of record and all earnings are regarded as royalties for that material, regardless of delivery format. The creator revenue generated by sales of material with a Lulu-owned ISBN meets the true and legal definition of a royalty. Royalties are reported to the IRS and are subject to withholding according to United States of America tax laws.

    For more information about tax withholding, see: Royalties and Tax Withholding

  • Other Revenue
    If your book does not have a Lulu-owned ISBN, then your earnings are not royalties but simply, "Other Revenue," which is the amount of money you make on each sale of your published material. "Other Revenues" are not subject to withholding and are not reported to the IRS.

Where can I view my creator revenues?

Creator revenues from all distribution channels (Lulu, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBookstore, etc.) are displayed on the My Projects > My Revenue page.

Why are revenues displayed as estimates?

The displayed revenues are estimates based on retail sales and the creator revenues associated with each work. However, since all works are offered in all country stores, the exact amount paid to the author may vary slightly from the displayed, estimated revenue total. This is due to daily fluctuations in international currency conversion rates. 

The payment creators receive is calculated based on the officially posted currency conversion rates on your "payday" – not the day on which the title was sold.

How Are Creator Revenues Paid?

Lulu pays creator revenues by either check or directly into a PayPal account, as defined in your Payment Contacts information.

NOTE: Depending on the type of PayPal account you have, PayPal may deduct a service charge for disbursing your Creator Revenues. PayPal determines this fee. Lulu has no control over these fees.

For more information, see Creator Revenue Payments and the Lulu Membership Agreement.

How can I set PayPal as my preferred method of payment?

  1. Click My Payments > Payment Contacts.
  2. Click Edit on the Payee Record.
  3. Choose PayPal as your payment option.
  4. Enter the email address associated with your PayPal account.
  5. Choose the Currency in which you want to be paid.
  6. Complete the address and tax payer information (if required).
  7. Click Save.

NOTE: Changes to your remittance information may delay payment of creator revenues.

Why aren’t my retail sales displaying on My Revenue page?

Print and eBooks sold on retail sites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the iBookstore do not immediately display on your My Revenue page. These sales are provided to Lulu through periodic sales statements received from each retail site.

Print Books

Retail print book sales can take from six to eight weeks to post in your account, depending on when in the reporting cycle they are sold. Once Lulu receives the retailer's sales report your sales will appear on your My Projects > My Revenue page as one consolidated sale for each retail channel.


Ebook sales made through are displayed on your My Projects > My Revenue page once the payment is approved. Sales from the Apple iBookstore are reported overnight while B&N sales are reported bi-weekly. Sales from the Ingram Distribution network (Amazon Kindle and Kobo) are reported monthly, but depending on the time within the reporting cycle your book sold, the sales numbers may be reported up to 8 weeks following the purchase.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you select Kobo and/or Kindle distribution, Barnes & Noble converts to the reseller revenue model meaning your sales will be reported by the Ingram Distribution method. At this time, Amazon Kindle and Kobo distribution is not available to authors residing in Australia.

For more information about when to expect your payments, see Creator Revenue Payments.

Why Don’t You Pay Me My Creator Revenues Immediately?

Creator Revenues are based on payments actually received by Lulu for your content. This means that your revenues may be adjusted for refunds or fraudulent orders for which we do not receive payment.

Additionally, retail sites may hold funds collected for sales made on their sites for up to 160 days. Since Lulu feels this is an unreasonable length of time for you to wait for your payments, we often pay creator revenue based on the monthly sales report prior to actually receiving funds from the retailer.

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