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It looks like I ordered 6 copies of my book that is formatted incorrectly.

I'm looking for help on how to format it correctly. The book originally was 8.5x11 but the pages look like they are sideways in the book. I actually want it to be basically 5.5 x 8.5 or the closest size to that.

Is there help for that without paying $200?



  • Heather,

    There are a number of independent consultants such as myself who provide formatting and other services for lower fees. You can find them in the Services forum.

    Since this isn't the services forum, I would ask that you send me an e-mail with your interior source document and I would be happy to give you a specific quote for your project.

    You can get my e-mail by going to my storefront ( ) - my e-mail is displayed in the banner image at the top of that page.

    If you want to try it yourself, the basic rule is to set up the Word document in single page format, portrait orientation, with the page size for all pages changed to match the desired printed page size. From what you indicated, I believe you would set up a custom page size of either 5.5 x 8.5 if you want Publisher grade paper (lower cost, but you will not be able to have it listed on Amazon and other places, just on Lulu), or 6 x 9 (higher cost but have the option of extended market listings).
  • Heather,
    You should actually create the book in the final size you want it to be printed in.
    If you send me your original document I'll correctly format it for you free of charge.
    My email is
    (change the AT to @ in the email address)
  • ...and when it's formatted, PLEASE only order one proof copy until you're sure it's printing correctly. That's why it's called a proof copy. :wink:
  • Yep, that is what proof means and thanks for reminding me that I'm not a rocket scientist.

    Thanks also for the help offers. I believe I finally got it formated the way I want it.

    Heather Smiley Tongue
  • My father-in-law used framemaker 7.2  and printed to a PDF using Bullwhip.  In Adobe Acrobat it looks just fine, but when put into Lulu it says that the 5.5x8.5 format was automatically corrected to 6x9. How does Lulu automatically do this?  The problem is that it flips the text sideways and stretches it.  It is still a portrait book, but very messed up.  It sounds like because of the pictures and the formatting, it will be crazy to reformat.  Is there a simpler way?  I appreciate any help. 

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