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Find and Remove Text Boxes from Your Manuscript

Glenn_LuluGlenn_Lulu Author

How to Find and Remove Text Boxes from Your Microsoft Word Manuscript

When preparing your manuscript for conversion to eBook format (EPUB), you must remove all text boxes from your Microsoft Word document before uploading it to the Lulu EPUB converter. Otherwise, you will receive the following message:

If you think you have located and removed every text box from your manuscript, but you continue to receive the above message when you re-upload your manuscript for conversion, there may be hidden text boxes within your manuscript. In some cases, files that have been passed between many people or documents created on older versions of Microsoft Word may contain elements that can be difficult to locate. If you find yourself in this situation, try the following method to locate and remove hidden text boxes from your document.


To locate hidden text boxes:

  1. Open your manuscript and create a new text box in your document (Insert > Text Box).
  2. Select the new text box by clicking on it. The text box will be highlighted as displayed below.

  3. Press the Tab key to jump to the next text box in your manuscript.

  4. The text box will be highlighted as displayed above. If the information contained within the text box should be maintained, move the text into the body of your manuscript or replace the text box with a high-resolution jpg image. Please note that following conversion, images will display in-line with text above and below the image.
  5. To remove a highlighted text box, click Delete.
  6. Return to the text box you created in step 1, click on it to highlight it. Use the Tab key to highlight the next text box in the manuscript.
  7. Repeat until all text boxes are replaced or deleted – including the text box you created in step 1.

To check for text boxes in the header or footer of your manuscript, draw the first text box in the header or footer and repeat the above process. Should you find a hidden text box, delete it.

When you have removed all text boxes, including the initial boxes you created in step 1, save and upload your manuscript file to your eBook project.

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