EPUB Conversion: Preview Your EPUB Following Conversion

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Following the conversion of your manuscript to EPUB format, your eBook table of contents will be displayed. Please confirm all sections and chapters are listed. If you are missing entries, edit and re-upload your manuscript file(s) before progressing to the next step in the publishing process.

You may also see a page listing errors encountered or a list of changes made to your manuscript during conversion. From here, you can download your EPUB file. 

NOTE: Downloading your file at this step may show an incorrect title. Don’t worry! Once you publish your file, we will use the title you provided in the first step of the eBook Wizard.

Ways of Looking at an EPUB

Every device and EPUB reader will display your eBook slightly differently since readers can tailor their reading experience by changing font types, font sizes, and even the page background color or theme.

The look and feel of your file will vary depending on which EPUB reader is used. Don’t get hung up on this; the important thing here is to ensure there are no major issues in the CONTENT of the file (missing sections, blacked out images, missing entries in the EPUB Table of Contents).

To open and review the file, you may need to install an EPUB reader or plug-in. If you don’t have one, there are many free tools available to help.

TIP: To see your file exactly as readers will see it, you must load your EPUB onto an eReader device.

I Have an EPUB Editor. Can I Edit and Re-upload the EPUB File?

Do NOT attempt to fix and re-upload the EPUB file we generated for you. Many EPUB editors introduce “helpful” elements that will cause errors in the eBook Wizard. We strongly encourage you to fix your source file, re-upload, and let Lulu handle the conversion. This will produce the cleanest EPUB.

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