EPUB Conversion: Upload Your Manuscript for Conversion

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How Does the EPUB Conversion Process Work?

Creating an EPUB from a Word document can sometimes be a process of trial and error. If you get an error message, take a deep breath and read this section, we’ll help get you through it. Taking the time to get this right now will mean a better result later. The diagram below describes the process you should use to create your EPUB with the Lulu EPUB Converter.

When you upload your manuscript in DOC, DOCX, RTF, or ODT file format to the eBook Wizard, the Lulu EPUB Converter will attempt to convert it into EPUB format. As part of the process, we automatically find and fix many common formatting errors. Sometimes, however, we find errors that require you to make changes to the original file and re-upload it. The EPUB Converter will display a message listing what you need to do next. There are three (3) potential outcomes:

Success, no issues found!

A publish-ready EPUB was created, no formatting issues were found. You obviously know what you are doing or you are very good at following instructions! Download and review your EPUB to ensure you are happy with the result. Proceed to the next step in the eBook Wizard.

Success, but we fixed some issues for you.

We were able to create an EPUB, but you should download and review the results to ensure you are comfortable with the changes we had to make. Take note of the messages detailing what was fixed before navigating away from this screen. 

Failure, we could not convert your file.

We found some problems in your source file that we could not automatically correct. Take note of the errors we found, fix them, and re-upload your file. We also list any issues we fixed for you so you can review these changes while reformatting. Compare the list against the possible error messages listed in this guide for further instructions.

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