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EPUB Conversion: Title, Copyright, and Table of Contents

Glenn_LuluGlenn_Lulu Author

A huge amount of time went into creating your unique work and you want people to know you wrote it. Well, so do our retail distribution partners. The first pages of a book set the professional tone for your readers and will make or break your ability to achieve distribution through our retail distribution partners.

Title Page:

The very first thing you want your reader to see is your title – not blank spaces before your title. Therefore, your title must be on the very first line of the manuscript and be formatted as Heading 1 style. This allows the Lulu EPUB converter to correctly identify and display your book’s title in the eBook TOC. If you aren’t a big fan of the way the Heading 1 style looks, you can modify the style or create a new one.

If your title is not on the first line (i.e. hard returns precede it), the name you entered in the manuscript’s properties file will display in the TOC. If the properties filename is blank, the converter will display the title as “untitled” in the TOC. Both of these situations will result in your eBook being rejected for distribution.


On the Copyright page, you should include the year the work was created followed by your book’s ISBN (International Standardized Book Number). If your book does not have an ISBN, Lulu can assign one for you in the Wizard. You will need to copy the ISBN we assign, and update your manuscript by adding this ISBN to your copyright page before proceeding to the Upload step in the Wizard. You will also want to reference the copyright license, which lets readers know what they can and cannot do with your work. For more information about copyright licenses, see How do I set a Copyright License for my Work?

We have included sample Copyright page text below. You can adapt this text for your own use or use the format from any published book on your bookshelf as a template. Just be sure to replace the pertinent information with information specific to your work:


Copyright © <Year of Publication> by <Your Name>


All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review or scholarly journal.


First Printing: <Year of first printing>

ISBN <Enter your ISBN>

<Your Publishing Company Name>
<Your Street Address or Post Office Box>
<Your City>, <Your State> <Your Zip Code>

www.<Your Internet Address>.com


Traditional Table of Contents

EBooks use chapter links to navigate to specific sections or chapters; therefore, it is not necessary to include a traditional Table of Contents (TOC) in your eBook. For more information, see EPUB Table of Contents. If for aesthetic purposes you choose to include a TOC, you should remove the page numbers since eBooks do not have pages and the numbers will be misleading to your readers.

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