No 'approve book' option

Hi, I just published my second novel, using the extended reach distribution option, and purchased my own copy of it. However, I noticed that unlike with my last novel, when I go to manage distribution, there is just an option to purchase global reach, and nothing about approving my book before it gets sent off into distribution. Do I need to approve the book, or is it sent off to amazon automatically?


  • As always, Approve is to be found via Revise.  Smiley Happy

  • Not sure that's wholly correct.  It used to be a FREE option under the Revise link.  There's no obvious option under Revise to approve Global Reach.  I've published before, bought a proof copy and want to approve, but I just can't find the option to do it anymore?  The book is US Letter, colour, saddle stitch, so should be eligible.


    Any ideas?  This is from the help pages.


    How do I purchase a distribution package?

    1. Go to the "My Lulu" tab.
    2. Click the "Manage" link by the book title for which you would like to purchase distribution. If you do not see the link, be sure your book is eligible and not set to private access.
    3. After adding the distribution package to your cart, please complete the check out process. You will need to purchase your proof copy in a separate cart AFTER purchasing distribution.



  • From your My Lulu, My Projects click the Manage button to first select GlobalReach then Revis for Approve.

  • Okay, I've bought a copy of my book.


    It's been printed and delivered.


    I've read through it (And it looks great -- so glad I got the proportions correct for the one piece cover).


    I've found the "Approve/Deny" button under "revise" but when I click it, I'm sent to a new page that tells me I have to buy a copy of my book -- which I've already bought, and held in my own hands..


    There are  three big yellow buttons at the bottom of that page:



    Create Revision

    Buy Now


    But where here Is the "Approve" Button?!!

  • I found the support case you opened regarding this issue and responded to you by email through the case.

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