Directions for publishing with LuLu using InDesign

Is there anywhere on the LuLu site where I can get directions for publishing with LuLu using InDesign. --M


  • Lulu doesn't provide tutorials on using the software, such as InDesign, used to create the original source documents for the interior and the cover which you upload during the publishing wizard.

    Lulu's publishing wizard doesn't accept native InDesign documents, but it does accept PDFs created from the native InDesign format. If you're using InDesign to create the interior file, what you'd need to do is set up your InDesign document to the size of the book you wish to create (e.g. if you want to publish a book in the 6" x 9" size, you create a 6" x 9" sized document in InDesign) and then export the InDesign document to a PDF using the File>Export command.

    The best Adobe preset to select is the PDF/X-1a:2001 preset (especially for colour documents, but the High Quality Print preset or the Press Quality preset will suffice if you have a black and white interior document). You can create your InDesign document using facing pages (or what is commonly known as spreads), but the resulting PDF needs to have the pages as "single" pages. The PDF/X-1a:2001 preset takes care of that.

    Once you've created the PDF from your InDesign document, you then upload that document at the "interior files upload" stage of the publishing wizard.

    Once, you've created your interior document (and 1 piece cover if you want a 1 piece cover), this help page describes the Lulu publishing wizard steps and how you upload your documents to create a project with Lulu:
  • OK--thanks for your reply. I read through the Wizard sections that I think might help. I understand that I have to convert the one-piece cover and inner files to PDFs.

    But what I am looking for is a Lulu Help Section that just gives instructions for uploading my InDesign file to Lulu for printing.

    For example, the instructions might say: "To use InDesign or another design software to create your book and THEN upload it to Lulu for printing you should be sure that you have done this, that, and the other thing......

    See what I mean? A way of checking to see that we have done everything right before we try to upload.

  • I have the same question. Did you figure it out?

  • Hi natalie3,

    This article shows our PDF creation settings and has our Job Options file available for download:

    Check that list of requirements to help ensure your PDF is prepared for print ready conversion.

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