How to Update eBook Metadata

EBook metadata includes the following identifying elements of your book:

  • Title Field in which you add (if necessary) all subtitles separated by colons or dashes. If using dashes please make sure there is a space on either side of the dash.
  • Author Field in which all contributors (author, translators, illustrators, editors etc.) appearing on your cover are listed. Click the green "+" sign to add additional contributors.

To be eligible for distribution, it is imperative that the information entered in your metadata corresponds word for word to what displays on your eBook’s cover. Additionally, when entering the Title in the metadata, you must comply with the following capitalization rules:

  • The first letter of all words in the title, subtitle and author name should be capitalized, except for the following words: a, an, and, for, from, of, or, the, to.
  • The first and last words of the title and subtitle must always be capitalized.
  • It is not mandatory that you follow the use of uppercase/lowercase in your cover art, so feel free to unleash your creativity!

To edit your eBook’s metadata:

  1. Log into
  2. Click My Lulu.
  3. Locate the project in the Project List.
  4. Click the Revise link to open the Revise your Project page displaying the project’s title and the author name.
  5. Update the title and author name in the respective fields.
  6. Click SAVE & CONTINUE.
  7. Continue through the revision process until you reach SAVE & FINISH, which submits your project to the Lulu Quality Assurance Team who will review the project to ensure it meets the guidelines and requirements of our retail distribution partners.

Please note: If your eBook has been previously approved for distribution on partner sites, the metadata will be locked and cannot be changed. Your only options are to either change the information on your cover to match what you entered in the metadata fields or to create a new project with the desired changes.

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