How much exactly does it cost?

Hi, I am trying to get an andwer to a very simple question which Lulu seem unable to provide. I have seen the cost of books on self publishing but what I want to know is. Let's imagine I have written my book and uploaded it to Lulu. Everything is now complete, before I do anything elsem HOW MUCH DO I PAY. ( I have opted for the free ISBN option where Lulu and Amazon sell my book) PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP.


  • You pay nothing until you order a book. Then you pay the printing costs plus shipping. I believe distribution requires that you purchase at least one "proof" copy, and more for revisions, but again you only pay when you order. The exact amount will depend on the book size, binding, paper type, and number of pages, plus the shipping charges. You can see exactly how much before you complete the order.
  • NOTHING!! :wink:

    Going the route you have done, with the free ISBN for Amazon, you pay absolutely nothing. Of course you'd be wise to buy a proof copy of your book before other purchasers get to see it, but even that's not compulsory. When someone buys your book they pay for its manufacture, your royalty and Lulu's commission on top. And postage. But you pay nothing.

    If you decided that you wanted the book to be available more generally online, then you'd have to pay for an ISBN and for a Lulu distribution pack, but you don't have to go that route.
  • i got an isbn from lulu. i went back and revised the project. now i am being told that i do not qualify for global distribution because i brought my own isbn. i entered the one lulu gave me when i revised it.

  • what is the royalty on a $24.95 book

  • II'm a new autor and I really haven't a clue of how much I make on a book of $20.44, or how much is the shipping and handling. how much does Lulu take to process each book. The final question what is the cost per book for personal purchase?

  • it can be very confusing. first, go through the steps to where you are ready to publish. on the top right you will see accept/deny. once you accept, and if, you have purchased a distribution package you are ready to go. you never actually have to proof. if you have asked for global, from the time you accepted your proof, it is six to eight weeks. i have a book at 24.95. i get $10 per book if sold by lulu. 3.89 if sold by amazon. most other print on demands give you only abut $2.00. but, if you go with a real publisher, they want $17000 up front.

  • How does the 'print on demand' work?  If someone manages to find your book on Amazon how long do they have to wait to actually receive it?  Is there a way to have an actual copy available on Amazon that someone coudl receive right away?

  • shrimpzombie, email me at [email protected] I put together a little text email that will make more sense than anything I can fit on this. I tried to walk you through the process a little.



  • i had a friend who published a book through lulu and to get a copy of the book all he had to pay was the shipping on the book and he got a copy of his book for free other then the s&h cost so how do you do that ?

  • I don't know how he did that. He may have a very small book. Basically, they walk you through putting the book together. The copyright, the introduction, then the book. This is all done through uploading. Then the cover. I would recommend having an image already. You have to design the cover. Once that is all done, they ask you the price you want. From that they show you what your split is with them and Amazon. Amazon and most distributors take 40% off the top. Mine is 344 pages, $21.95. I pay $11.00 per book, so I make 11.95 with Lulu. One $3.17 with Amazon. I am selling it myself.

  • I have the same question. Im so glad that somebody already submitted the answer. Thank you so much!


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  • So to distribute my book beyond amazon I have to pay for an ISBN?


    Doesn't lulu offer free ISBNs' themselves?


    I already have ISBNs from another source that was free, and goes across all formats.  If the printing cost is less expensive here, isn't the ISBN here the same?

  • Lulu offer free ISBNs.

  • Would you email me your info at [email protected]  Put "lulu cost" in the subject line so I won't delete it.  Thank you

  • Who email what info?


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