Cover design preview a different colour to what is uploaded problem?

Just wondered if anyone has had this problem and if anyone has any suggestions. Every time I upload the new cover, it has a horrible dark blue tint to it which isn't on the original pdf file. This is the second cover I've uploaded for my book and I don't recall having this problem originally.


Has anybody else experienced this problem? Does it affect the final product?






  • It's a fairly common problem that has been discussed numerous times over the years.

    Lulu converts the image used for the Preview , but not for the book, into a Flash rendition.

    You have to redesign the cover image to meet both requirements of the cover and of theme preview. It may take a number of iterations to achieve what you want.
  • I have had a similar problem and Ken is spot on in what he says, you must work on it until you get what you want.

  • Why would Flash make it much darker and saturated? That seems bizarre. Lulu's Flash conversion would have to be terrible. Even RGB to CMYK, or vice-versa, wouldn't account for such a shift as I'm seeing.
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