Error when uploading PDF


I have tried to upload PDF for new paper book and got this error:

"Your document could not be created: We do not accept PDF documents with pages of differing sizes."

What this error means, how can be created pages with different sizes, if InDesing creates all of them are the same?

Strange... I published already several books with the same dimensions. Maybe you saw this error and know what to fix?




  • One or more of your pages are a different size, as the message states. Try selecting all of your pages and resizing them to your chosen size, then save and upload. Should solve the problem.

  • Adv, check which InDesign export to PDF option you chose.
  • Hello! If anyone runs across this forum, I was getting the same error. I was exporting my document from Indesign. Apparently, Lulu needs single paged documents, so no facing pages. Once I turned off facing pages, it uploaded just fine! Just thought I would let anyone know this, since I was trying to find out the answer from these forums, but couldn't.

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