PLEASE HELP! - Footers do not line up on opposing pages.

Hi, Someone PLEASE help with this. I am producing a book size of A5
(5.83 x 8.26 in.). I have printed off the PDF after uploading my manuscript but the footers on opposing pages do not line up. ie - the bottom line of text on the right page could be lower or higher (by a line or two) than on the left, or visa versa.
I downloaded the A5 template and used this to insert my novel but even here, I could not get even footers, if I tried to 'pull' a line up from the next page it just would not let me.
Lulu say that I haven't got the latest version of Acrobat which is untrue because I have downloaded the latest version and anyway, if the text in the MS Word template was not lining up surely the problem lies there and not in Acrobat?
Any help greatly appreciated, I've promised copies for Xmas presernts!
Cheers - Keith
Ps - I use MS Word 2002.


  • Have you got the footers in the footers, or in the main body text? If you've placed the text at the bottom of your main text, then yes it is possible for it to move by a line or 2.

    If you've inserted text such as page numbers in a footer, rather than in the main body text, then the position of the footer doesn't change. To insert text in a footer in Word 2003, click the View menu then click Header and Footer. In Word 2007, click on the Insert tab in the Ribbon, click Header and Footer.
  • Hi Belinda,
    Thanks for answering so quick.
    I'm not the worlds most literate pc user but I think I can understand what you're saying. My argument, however, is this: Surely if Lulu provided me with an A5 template to insert my novel text into, then all the margins, headers and footers etc should already be in place? Surely main text can only go so far down the page until it hits some sort of template 'dead end' where text can't go into. And, surely these must be in exactly the same place on each page, otherwise you'll end up with the problem I have here?
    Anyway, sorry, I don't understand what you say with have 'I got the footers in the footers'.
    I do have page numbers in the original MS document but I think they are in the footer (they're a little fainter than the main text).
    I'll play around, any further advice greatly appreciate.
    Cheers - Keith
  • I'm having the same problem, Keith. I used the trade paperback template for Word. I am pretty good with word processing programs and I have footer information in the footer, and book text in the body of the book where it is supposed to be. When I look at the two-page view (and when I print the book in hardcopy) the right footer line is elevated above the left. Not a huge deal but I have had my test readers comment on it.

    I'm about to play with it now. I'll let you know if I find out anything.


  • Kensoward, did you ever find a solution?


    I am having the same kind of problem. Used the 6x9 style guide template. Looks like it might have been better to have laid out the book myself, but here we are. This is the only problem I'm having with the template, so I'd like to solve it directly rather than starting from scratch again.



  • Normally, odd and even page footers (and headers) are discreet pieces of the document. Its possible the footers are not set to the same size, or same margin size for odd and even pages.

    You might do a Select All and check the Format > Document in Word to see if the settings for margins / footer / header are all the same.

    I would also look at a page with text all the way to the bottom. If the text is the same distance from the footer border on both pages, the issues is the footer size. If its not likely the page margin size.
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