Publishing an e-book in Hindi

Can anyone please confirm if it is possible to publish an e-book in Hindi language on Lulu. What are other platforms to publish e-book in Hindi that are recommended if not Lulu.




  • eBook PDF - Yes

    eBook EPUB - No, English or French language only.

  • It may be a newbie question, apologise for that but what would be the difference between PDF and EPub?

    My eventual goal is to be reachable to all the Major online e-book stores, Lulu, Apple's, B&N (if possible Amazon as well).

    Does this mean i need to create a PDF version (i could do that) from my RTF files typed in Hindi and then it can be published as e-book ?




  • As far as Lulu is concerned:

    eBook PDFs are just PDFs.

    EPUBs are digital books designed (to the EPUB Specification) to be read using an EPUB reader such as the Apple iPad or B&N Nook.

    Amazon use the Kindle MOBI format but Lulu do not support it or make their EPUBs available to Amazon.


  • Hello Ottoman

    Ken is correct (as usual Smiley Happy) about the distribution and language options currently offered by Lulu.

    You can upload and sell PDF versions of your work in any language on the site. As you know, PDFs are very common and accessible by most users, but may not be suitable for viewing on the smaller screens of typical eReaders.

    In order for an eBook created on Lulu to be offered on sites such as the iBookstore or Barnes & Noble, it must pass a series of quality assurance inspections. At this time, we only have resources to review eBooks in either English or French.

    Best of luck to you in your efforts!

  • Hello,

    Can I know if a physical book print is supported in Hindi?



  • I am not sure what is happenning.  My manuscript in .doc, .docx,  or PDF files with embedded fonts looks just fine but when goes thru the Lulu's converter it becomes a faulty file.... it messes up the syntx of the file.  Can somebody suggest me a solution or any suggestions that will not mess up the file when processed by Lulu converter.

    Since I shall be distributing the book thru Lulu, do I need to make an Index or Lulu converter will make it.  It is a PDF file.

    Thank you

  • My file/ manuscript gets approved by Lulu software.  All .doc, docx or PDF look OK.  But when they pass thru the convertor (gears), the file gets lot of syntx errors but Lulu software does not catch it.  Can you explain what is going on,  I have been Mangar fonts   I have tried using doc or docx files after embedded fonts or P'DF with embedded fonts  but something goes wrong at Lulu's convertor level,

    Any body has any suggestions to fix this issue or any piece of advice who has published a ebook in Hindi PDF

  • I would make a support case and get some help from our team to diagnose your PDF issues
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