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Having dealt with Lulu on a couple of exchanges on JobOptions, I have to see there is a need for better information about how JobOptions interacts with Adobe.

The page on how to create a PDF says flatly that JobOptions will load into all Adobe products. That's clearly not true as you quickly learn in trying to load it. The page should say you have to have Adobe Acrobat Pro, according to Tech support.  That's mentioned only in a link that's not one you would look for right away. Then having seen the video on how the system works, I have to wonder if Lulu supports Acrobat Pro X since the way the screens are set up in the demo don't match what I see on my screen. I'm still waiting for an answer for how the whole thing is supposed to interface because something is missing in the explanation.




  • Hi BobWScott

    After you contacted our support team last week, Shannon let me know that the article you mention above needed to be updated to indicate that the Lulu Job Options download requires Adobe Acrobat Pro. That article has been updated to clearly state this and to remove the statement about the Job Options compatibility with all Adobe products.

    When I saw your posting in the forums, I followed up with Shannon and we have confirmed with our print team that the Lulu Job Options file is indeed compatible for use with Adobe Pro X.

  • I downloaded Adobe Acrobat Pro DC but I can't find the JobOptions in it.  How can I acces the joboptions thru it?  Is it not compatible with the DC version?  Please let me know asap - since I only have a free trial for 7 days!

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