Microsoft Word (here we go again) Page Numbering Issue

I do not want the first eight pages of my book to be numbered.

All I want is page 9 (the introduction of the book) to be numbered ix; the next page x, xii, and so on.

There is a section break in between the last page of my introduction as there should be, and numbering on Chapter One commences as 1, 2, 3, and so on.

So, I insert a section break on the page preceeding the introduction to try and delete the page numbers on the first eight pages. But no. Word eliminates ALL of the page numbering and BETRAYS the rule that, if you have a section break, if you delete page numberings from that particular section, it will not delete page numberings from the other pages.

So it's simple, all I want to do is delete the numbers from the first eight pages. If it doesn't work once again I am going to stick my head in the toilet.


  • You have to find the command for Link to Previous (assuming you're using Word 2007). So each section is standalone and after you've clicked Link as Previous to de-activate it, then each section can have its own numbering and NOT be linked to the previous section. Click on the page BEFORE the start of your new section and make a section break. Then go to your header or footer and look for the Link to Previous icon in the ribbon. Click on this to de-link it, then number your pages as you want. You may have to fiddle a bit, but it's achievable in the end.
  • Hi John

    As you have different number formatting in the introduction (Roman) from the main body text (Arabic), you'll need to add another section break on page 8 (and remove the page break) to maintain the different numbering formats and then delink the section with the intro from the first 8 pages as Keith indicated, just as you would have added a section break (rather than a page break) after the Introduction and delinked that from the previous section to change the numbering from Roman to Arabic.

  • Quote:

    Then go to your header or footer and look for the Link to Previous icon in the ribbon. Click on this to de-link it, then number your pages as you want. You may have to fiddle a bit, but it's achievable in the end.


    This is precisely what I had not done. Section break was in place on page 8 and still wasn't doing what I had expected it to do. But lessons learned Keith. Much thanks.

    Also, let it be known that an angel walks among us - Belinda, much thanks for helping me with this the way you did, I wasn't expecting that.

    As for MS Word I am using 2003....I really should upgrade.
  • If your book is made up of a number of separate files, you wont have this problem. I still use WORD 97. Typically the first 8 pages I want to use lower-case Roman numerals for page numbering, as the first 8 pages are made up of fep, preface and contents. The remainder of the book I use regular page numbering.

    If you wanted to leave the first 8 pages blank, then for the first file don't choose to insert page numbers. For the rest of the book, you can insert page numbers, and you can start the page numbering where you want.

  • Hi, I am having the same problem with different style numbering, but I use Open Office. From what I see here, It looks as if I must make separate files for the my first pages to use roman numerals. Iv'e been banging my head on the keyboard trying to solve this one.

  • onlytim,
    I'm not very familiar with Open Office, but that seems like a good solution.
  • OnlyTim,
    It's very simple - you just need to make use of section breaks.
    See this it applies equally well to Open Office

  • Dear Ken:

    Kindly resend me your email.

    I would like to send you my cource material for formatting.

    I also don't understand why I am unable to re-upload my book after having made a sinmple correction.

    thanks for your help

  • Thanks Nick and Ken. I uploaded both my seperate file then downloaded the printable version from Lulu. It combined them both to one file and looks great. No more head banging...for nowSmiley Happy

  • I am having difficulty numbering the pages on my book also. Based on the information I read, there appears to be many steps just to place page numbers. There must be a simpler way because I truly do not understand all the explanations on numbering the pages.

  • It can be fiddly when using Sections to make page numbering behave. When I think I have worked it out, next time I do it it does not work! Thankfully I created a template years ago.


    Read here >>


  • Yes, there are a lot of steps.  While you follow the mechanical instructions in the professor's link, be aware:


    Headers and footers are divided into three categories (presuming you specify "first page (of a section) different".  First page, even page, odd page.  This CAN be kind of handy on your seventh or eighth book, but it's a monster pain to keep track of while you're learning the process.  You'll first need to divide the book into sections (Section Break - Continuous) wherever the header or footer content will change.


    When you start the process, every first page header and footer copies the previous first page header and footer.  Likewise the even pages and odd pages. Headers and footers are handled separately--breaking the footer "Same as Previous" link does NOT break the header "Same as Previous" link.


    For page numbering, you need to break that link (Same as Previous button--it's a toggle) where your page numbering style changes.  For example, your title and copyright pages (Section 1) will have no page numbers, preface or foreword (Section 2) will use lower case Roman numerals, the blank pages between front matter and your body text (Section 3) won't be numbered, and you'll begin numbering on your body text (Section 4).  Some people use page numbers on the first page of each chapter, some don't.


    Headers are handled the same way should you choose to use them.


    I've formatted hundreds of books in Word, and every once in awhile I'd find a page numbering error I could NOT defeat.  I'd have to resort to tweaking the PDF in Acrobat Pro.


    You didn't ask, but I've found OpenOffice (a free download, and it'll open your Word doc) to be much more user-friendly for book formatting.  PLUS you can EXPORT (don't Save) as a PDF.  Use the Help tab to find out which commands to use--it's a little different than Word.

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