DRM Protected Ebook Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is DRM?

Prior to January 15, 2013, a Lulu author may have chosen to apply Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection to their PDF or EPUB. If so, the file must be initially accessed using a registered copy of Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), a free downloadable application different from the widely used Adobe Reader.

ADE allows a user to authorize up to six computers and/or mobile devices on which DRM protected ebooks can be read. Please note that Android and iOS devices require the additional use of downloadable apps such as the free Bluefire reader to access DRM protected ebooks.

Click to view Frequently Asked Questions about Adobe Digital Editions or to download and register your free copy.

Why is my ebook no longer available for download?

The final phase of Lulu’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) Retirement project was released July 2, 2013. On this date, we will deactivated our Adobe DRM servers, which means you can no longer download DRM protected ebooks from the Lulu My Downloads page. 

How can I access my DRM protected ebook?

ebooks previously accessed in your Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) account will continue to be listed in your ADE library and can be accessed from all computers and devices authorized within your ADE account.

What if I did not download my ebook before Lulu retired DRM?

If you purchased a DRM protected ebook and did not authorize it in your ADE account before July 2, 2013, please contact our support team for assistance.

Can I print my DRM Protected ebook?

Lulu currently sets print and copy options to “no” for all ebooks assigned Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection by the author. However, purchased ebooks without DRM protection can be printed and copied as often as you like.

How many devices can I activate with Adobe Digital Editions?

DRM protected ebooks are associated with your Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) account. Once you install ADE, you will create an account with an Adobe ID under which you can authorize up to six (6) computers and six (6) mobile devices. You can then access your DRM protected ebooks from any of these devices by entering your Adobe ID and downloading the title.

Can I load Lulu ebooks into Bluefire Reader?

Yes, if you purchased ebooks that are DRM-free or protected by Adobe DRM protection, you can "side load" your books into Bluefire Reader. For Adobe DRM protected titles, you must first authorize your Bluefire Reader with the same Adobe ID you used to authorize your other computer or device. (For more information see the Bluefire User Guide: Chapter 1, Authorizing Bluefire Reader).

Do ebooks with DRM Expire?

Downloaded DRM protected ebooks purchased from Lulu are yours. The only limitation is they must be read on authorized computers or devices. Once an ebook with DRM is purchased and downloaded, you can access it on any of your authorized computers or devices an unlimited number of times. 

Previously downloaded DRM protected ebook files are also saved on your computer as ACSM files. We recommend you save these files to a CD or backup drive to ensure they will not be lost in the event of a computer malfunction.

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