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You spent time carefully selecting and ordering your print books, calendars, and/or photo books and now you are eagerly awaiting delivery. This quick reference guide provides an overview of Lulu's printing and shipping processes so that you can better estimate when to expect delivery of your printed books.

Books ordered from Lulu are printed when you make your purchase. Since we do not have hundreds of thousands of books sitting in a warehouse patiently awaiting good homes, Lulu’s print on demand production model eliminates the need for inventory and is more environmentally friendly. This type of production guarantees you receive freshly printed books, but it also requires a bit more time for order fulfillment and delivery.

When will my books ship?

Before we can ship your order, it must be printed. Whenever possible, depending on production capabilities, your book(s) will be printed at the facility nearest to your shipping address.

  • Paperbacks, Hardcovers and Calendars – Ship in 3-5 business days
  • eBooks – Available for download upon completing your purchase from the My Account > My Downloads page.

How do I know if my books have shipped?

You will receive an email from Lulu.com stating your books are on their way. You can also check the status of your order by clicking on your user name and selecting the My Orders option. If you do not have a Lulu.com account, please submit a support request and we will be happy to look up your order status.

Printing and shipping statuses are explained below.

  • Processing: We received your order and it is being processed.
  • Fulfilling: Your order has been queued for printing. Orders in this status cannot be modified or cancelled.
  • Partially Shipped: If you ordered a mix of books, such as print and eBooks, this status will display until all items within your order are shipped.
  • Shipped: All items in your order have shipped.
  • Refunded: All or part of your order had been refunded through your original payment method
  • Cancelled: Your order has been cancelled.

How can I track my shipment?

The shipping confirmation number will include your order's tracking number. When our print vendors provide it, we will also include the name of the shipping company. If the tracking number appears as a hyperlink, clicking it opens the package tracking page for your order. This information is also available from the My Orders > Order History page.

Note: There may be a 24 hour delay between the time you receive your shipping notification and the time your package is scanned into the tracking system.

Can I track US Mail deliveries?

Lulu's standard US Mail option is actually a hybrid service called FedEx SmartPost.

How does this system work?

FedEx picks up your package from our US printer's location and then delivers it to the local US Postal Service (USPS) sorting facility nearest the shipping address. The US Postal Service then delivers the package to the local address.

These packages can be tracked from this site: FedEx SmartPost

Note: There may be a 24 hour delay between the time you receive your shipping notification and the time your package is scanned into the FedEx tracking system. Tracking is not yet available for international shipments originating from the USA using this system.  

What do I do if my order doesn't arrive?

If you selected a trackable shipping method and the tracking information shows your order has arrived when it has not, or that your order is lost/missing, we suggest first reaching out to the shipping provider's support team for assistance.

In the event that the shipping provider is unable to assist, please contact Lulu's Support team for assistance ensuring you receive your order. Once we verify with the shipping provider that your order has been lost or delivered incorrectly, we may at our discretion offer a complimentary reorder.

If you selected a non-trackable shipping method, please allow at least 28 days for the order to arrive. While it is uncommon for an order to take this long to arrive, non-trackable methods prevent us from receiving updates and information regarding the order.

Lulu Support may be able to offer a complimentary reorder for a non-trackable order that has not arrived after 28 days in transit, but we do so at our discretion. Please note that we are unable to offer a reorder on behalf of the same customer more than once and we strongly encourage you to use a trackable shipping method for future orders.

Shipping Times

Once your order leaves the printing facility, it is in the control of the mail carrier. Therefore the shipping times we provide are estimates based on the times provided by various delivery services. Click here to view shipping options and estimated delivery times based on the destination country or region.

Delivery times can be affected by factors such as incorrect delivery addresses, customs delays, and postal delivery restrictions. These types of issues may delay package delivery by up to six weeks. And, while patience is often referred to as a virtue, you should contact Lulu Support if your:

  • Domestic orders are not received within 14 days of receipt of the shipping notice.
  • International orders are not received within 28 days of receipt of the shipping notice.

Please Note: If International Economy shipping is selected, your books will be shipped using the postal service of the destination country. Generally, economy shipment options do not provide tracking numbers and therefore Lulu cannot guarantee delivery.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs are added during check out. Add your selected items to your shipping cart, choose your shipping option, and the rate will be displayed. 

Why can’t I choose Express delivery to my P.O. Box?

Express delivery requires a physical address to which your package can be delivered.

Can I ship to US Military or Diplomatic addresses?

Yes, but you must use the US Postal Service for delivery to APO/FPO/DPO addresses.

Can I ship books to a prison address?

Yes, but since inmates are not generally allowed to sign for packages you must choose the US Postal Service (or equivalent) when shipping books directly to a prison address. Prior to placing your order, Lulu advises you to contact the relevant officials to learn of any specific delivery restrictions for that location.

Please Note: Coil-bound materials are not eligible for prison delivery.

I live in Russia. When will my package arrive?

Due to factors beyond our control Lulu is not able to guarantee that orders shipped to Russia will arrive within a specific time frame. Long delivery times are a result of long delays in clearing packages through Russian Customs Clearance Office. Neither Lulu nor our carriers have any influence on this situation. As a result, shipping to Russia is at the buyer's risk. As such, Lulu cannot replace or refund these orders and we request your patience as your order may still be on its way. For more information about this situation, see: http://www.itar-tass.com/en/c39/701211.html

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