Changing my book title

Hello, is there a way to change the title of my book after it's been published? There's just one word that's off and I published it because I didn't want to lose my graphics, which kept disappearing when I didn't save them. I'm not finished with it and still plan to change things, particularly the spine because I can't find an option in the graphics section where I can change the color of the spine. I uploaded to covers that my graphic artist did and I want the spine to match that color blue but the spine is white.

And when I go into the edit section, I seem to be able to edit everything but the title. Any ideas?

Many thanks. Sigrid


  • Yeah but it can be tricky to get there. When you click on revise it should take you to the revision page. If up in the corner it says unpublish (sometimes it will), click on that and it will take you back to the start of the wizard where you first put in your title in the first place. There you can change it, just make sure to go back through the whole wizard and make sure it's changed in other places that it will show up.

    I'm guessing this doesn't have an ISBN attached or anything? If it doesn't then you're fine following the above. If it does, then you have a problem because changing the title will require a new ISBN.
  • I am assuming this follows for changing the cover too?

    I'd need a new isbn?

  • If you have a book in distribution with Lulu, e.g. using Global Reach, they won't let you make even a minor typographical correction in the subtitle (never mind the title) even though the ISBN agancy confirms that this is perfectly acceptable. So in this case you have to create a whole new project and use Global Reach again with another ISBN :-(

    Tony Loton, Publishing DIY

  • in my case, i tried to upload a book several times but it gave me a title of contents error. 

    finally i got tired of playing with  it , and uploaded a DIFFERENT book with new title etc. 


    problem is, it shows up on my selling page now with the former title. Even though i thought i deleted that entire project first..

    it has an isbn etc. i love the way it downloaded. the PROBLEM is that it retained the original (first book ) title with the contents of my 2nd book and states its "locked as it went out to retailers etc...."


    any ideas please? thanks! 

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