How long does it take to publish 25 page photobook?

Hi. I finished making my photobook, which turned out to be 25 pages. After I was done, I hit "finish and preview" and from there, I hit "publish". After I hit publish, a warning came up letting me know I have some images which may be unclear when printed, which is fine with me so I hit "ok" and after that the clock came up.

I just want to know how long should it take after I hit "publish?" I hit publish an hour ago and it still hasn't done anything. All I see is that little clock icon with the little hand going round and round forever. Please if anyone else has made any photobooks, please let me know how long it took yours after you hit publish and how many pages your book was. Thanks.


  • It's possible that the photos that have given the warning are interfering with the publication of the book. You should be aware that if there are photos that are 'unclear' then they will print blocky or pixellated. You wouldn't really want a book like that, would you? You'll have to increase the resolution of those photos by the sound of it.
  • Well when I uploaded the photos and placed them onto the pages, though they had that exclamation mark/warning, they looked fine on the screen - I used my scanner to scan the photos and they were of good quality from what I thought. I don't see why it would be that blotchy so I am gonna go for it anyways, but I don't see why it should take this long.

    And the weird thing is, I can hit the publish button over and over again and it acts like I never hit published to begin with because it's like the original warning message pop-ups again and gives me an option to "publish anwyays". Anyone have any clue as to what to do? In case anyone needs it, the ID # is 7907553 for that photobook project. Thanks again.
  • What they look like on screen is immaterial. It's the actual size and resolution that's important. They must have 300dpi to be acceptable.

    If I were you I'd change the resolution of the images then start a new project and start again. You may well have screwed the project by hitting the publish button and uploading wrong resolution photos ... you might be better just starting again.
  • By Publish I assume it means the same as Make Print Ready Copy (is there not a Photobook thread?) and it should not take long but I have known it 'stick.' What I do if that happens is go Back and then Continue again, and it sometimes behaves. But sometimes I have to shut the lulu page/wizard and open it again at My Lulu and start Revise. That sometimes works. :roll:

    But as Keith says, you need to adjust your photos until those :!: go. They cannot help I am sure and again as Keith says, they may look ok int the views you get of them in the wizards etc, but that does not mean they will print! Change them to 300dpi then try again. Oh, and as close to the size of the photobook frames as you can (in the inches it says.)
    Many scanners are defaulted at 76dpi because 300DPI creates a huge file (and huge image) and takes ages to scan! but you may need to scan them at 300DPI anyway.

    Incidentally, perhaps making the page count divisible by 4 may help, too.
  • I am using Lulu for the first time and I am experiencing the same problem, with a 44 pages photo book. A few days ago, after clicking Publish I waited for about 3 hours and nothing happened, I had to shut down and go to bed.

    There was no warning regarding the resolution of my photos, and they all have 1000x1500 pixels @72dpi. My photos come like that out of the camera, I don't know how to change that. Would they look unclear/pixelated anyway in the photo book?

  • If you upload your pictures from the camera into, say, Photoshop, you will be able to change the size, resolution, etc, under change image.  You might have to disable the "constrain proportions" and make sure the link between size and resolution is off.

  • Although my photobook is considerably larger than 25 pages, I am experiencing the same problem.  I have no "warning" posts that my images are not acceptable, but the clock icon comes up when I hit PUBLISH and it sits there turning long is a normal wait time?  What do I do if it never takes? 

  • Actually, I switiched computers and it went directly through after I hit

    "publish"  ---- maybe the system gets overloaded? 


  • Despite all the good intentions of people giving advice on quality and pixelation, I truly believe this issue is related to bugginess of the Flash interface. I saved the project, quit the browser, and then started again - this is after an endless loop of waiting to publish. The second time, it just went through, created the previews, and I was done.


    I have had some other odd issues and, again, I think it's the Flash that messing things up. Anyway, I was able to get it going and all is good. I have been pretty happy with the quality of the calendars for the past few years and will continue to use Lulu for them.

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