ISBN & Preview missing

Just tried Lulu's ebook wizard and found it very easy, with no issues! However, I am a bit confused on 2 counts:


1. It says I have no preview. I did not upload a preview file (what format is that supposed to be in anyway) as the help prompt said that you get a defaut 10 pages of preview anyway. Is this the case?

2. I want to sell my book through all channels, so I selected the option for that, but it says I also need an ISBN. The Guide says that a free ISBN is available but at no point was I offered one in the process, or given any place to insert one. How do I add one to my published work?


Thank you.



  • Hi Dub,
    Previews for EPUBs are different to hard copy print books.
    Revising the project will allow you to upload preview file. That can be a doc or preferably a PDF. Create it separately from the EPUB.
    Hopefully you're talking EPUB and not eBook PDF. eBook PDFs don't have ISBNs. EPUBs do, choose the option in the Wizard.
  • The help was specific to ebooks, I think - not books. It said 10 pages. Oh well, will revise.


    Yes, I uploaded an epub - could not see any option for ISBNs. Will look through it all again...

  • Sorry, cannot see how to add an ISBN Smiley Sad Am I blind?

  • Could be.

    Just to confirm we are talking EPUB?

    It may be easier for you start a new project. You get the option at the start of the Wizard. 

  • Ah, yes. The option is at the very beginning but I chose to make it available only to myself to start with (it said you could change this later - but I think that's wrong, because there is no option to do so unless you create a new revision).

    I've never used an ISBN for an ebook. How does it affect the exact same version I have on Amazon Kindle? Seeing as Kindle brings in the lion's share of ebook sales, I don't want to jeopardize that.

    Then there's all that palaver with 30% withholding again. Are there no UK-based ebook distributors?



  • Again eBook PDF or eBook EPUB?
    You need to be specific otherwise we can end up talking about the wrong type of eBook.

    To repeat eBook PDF do not have ISBNs.

    EPUBs with ISBNs sold in the US attract 30% withholding.
    EPUBs with ISBNs sold to UK customers do not (to best of my knowledge).

    A Kindle MOBI is not an EPUB nor an eBook PDF so although the content is the same it is not the same version and can not have the same ISBN as the eBook EPUB.


  • Epub Smiley Wink

    Now how on earth do I find the right settings to convert epub into pdf on Calibre...attempts have proved messy thus far...

    (I don't use Word anymore, it's just an unnecessary step when I can use text and HTML to create the epub (and thus mobi too)).





  • Has anyone seen their ratings and reviews vanish? Smiley Surprised

  • My Partner and I are working on our paperback. The ISBN propmpt wont show up when we go to that part. It skips it and goes straight to downloading our book.  I would like to know if Im doing something wrong. It showed for my other projects.


  • The first step is to make sure the book is one of our distribution eligible formats on the Option Step. Here's a list of available formats:



    Then, on the Title Step, pick "Sell on Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and More".


    This will cause the ISBN step to appear and you'll be able to add one of our ISBNs or your own. 

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