ISBN size on one piece cover

I'm creating a one piece cover.

You specify the ISBN bar code dimensions as 1 x 1.833”.
Is that for the 13 digit bar code, the 13 digit plus the price bar code, the bar code plus the numbers, or for the white box that contains all of that?


  • I'm no expert, but measuring the bar code on the book in front of me I'd say it refers to the entire box. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Smiley Very Happy
  • It doesn't make sense.  The dimensions say 1" high x 1.833" wide but the pdf that is supplied automatically by Lulu won't fit proportionately with this size, either measuring the whole box, or just the bar code.  It can either be 1" high but quite a bit wider, or 1.833" wide but not high enough.

    Don't lots of people have this problem?  If so what have they done about it?

    Or perhaps it doesn't matter too much?  Thanks.

  • As this does not appear to be a closed question, I confess the truth may require me to alter my already completed project.  Is the box the 1x1.8 and in what coordinates must it appear?

  • I've done the research and found that this question was misplaced and the answer correctly filed.

    Answer link is here: BAR CODE SIZE

  • what is that bar code size that you need to have...have not been able to find anyone with a concrete answer

  • Have you looked at the age of this thread?


    If you use the default Cover Wizard within Project Wizards the barcode is added to the back cover automatically.


    If you wish to use the Advanced Cover Wizard for a one-piece cover then at the apply for an ISBN page there's the option to download the barcode to paste to your artwork.

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