Need help getting my document formatted correctly

Lulu says that the source document I submit will be scaled to approximately 75% of the original size.  How do I set up my manuscript from the start to be sure I can see what it will eventually look like?  I can't find any more specific info or tips.  Thanks


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    You need to print a PDF and check its size so that you see exactly what you will be getting.

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  • Thanks but still confused.  If I want to publish a physical 8.5 x11" book do I need to submit a PDF that is approx 11x14?  

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    This is the forum section for help with ebooks, not printed books. Nevertheless, you have to create and upload a file of pages the exact shape and size of the Project shape and size you have picked. I have no idea what you mean by Lulu downsizing by 75%.
  • Just a thought. I think I might know what you're struggling with. There's no need for you to submit something too big and then have them try to fix it.  Make the source doc the correct size. If you're using Word you could try setting your source document to 81/2 X 11 if that's the size book you want(you could have 6 x 9, for example, if you'd rather have that or whatever, but don't make it too big or too small. Start with the correct size in your source document). Make sure that the spacing etc. looks OK. If necessary make a new blank source document, set the size to the final book size you want, set appropriate margins etc.  Copy the text from whatever original source you have and paste as text only. Fix the spacing, paragraphs, etc. Make the source correct in every way before uploading it to your project. I hope this clarifies it a bit. If not, keep talking and someone will help you.

  • P.S. If you could confirm this.  I'm assuming that you're writting a book with text.  When you originally wrote your book what type of document did you make and what size was it.  That document is probably the one that you should be adjusting before you submit anything. Probably you should fix everything there. I think more information will help someone here help you more precisely. Without knowing more, I'm just guessing. Just wanted you to say more. sorry if  I haven't helped. just thinking out loud. Good luck

  • Thank you.  Your comments are very helpful.  I am creating a new source document so want to set it up correctly from the beginning.  I want to publish an 8 1/2 x11" printed book, primarily text but with some photos.  I am creating it in Pages on my MAC.  I will set up margins, etc. for 8 1/2 x11.

     (My confusion came from a page on Lulu 'tips for formatting documents'.  It said something about Lulu scaling the document to @ 75% of the original size and used the example:  if you upload an 8 1/2 x 11 doc you should select 6x9 as the book size.)  Are you saying that is not the case.  If I upload an 8 1/2 x 11" document, that's the size book I will get?  Sorry to be so dense.....

    Thanks for your time!

  • Yes, as Kevin states you must always create the book document at the same page size as the original.
    I don't where you go the 75% data - if you find it again please post a link to it so that we can check it out.

    If you plan on using Pages make sure you either save it in Word .doc format or create your own PDF to upload to Lulu. 

  • Will do.  Thank you!


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Read this 6 year old thread you have just invaded and you will find the answer. Happy New Year.

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