Book Fair Marketing FAQ

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1. What are the benefits of having my book at a trade show?

The very people who will buy or who can help sell your books attend trade shows. Trade shows represent a valuable opportunity to have your titles marketed to a very targeted audience. Additionally, they expose your work to people who may have no awareness about your book.

2. What can I expect from having my book displayed at a trade show?

All trade shows are different and can afford you different opportunities. For example, at state, regional and national library trade shows, you can expect to have your book seen by several levels of library staff, including those who select books for their individual libraries and library systems, who might also recommend your book to their patrons.
International shows provide an opportunity or your work to be seen by a broader audience who may provide leads towards translation rights sales, distribution deals, book sales, library acquisitions and much more.
Industry trade shows are not sales mechanisms, but marketing and lead gathering opportunities. Therefore they should be considered as part of a well-rounded marketing plan as a means to provide targeted exposure to a broad audience.

3. Why should I exhibit with Lulu instead of on my own?

When you attend a trade show on your own, you are required to purchase booth space, purchase booth furnishings, pay each venue's fees for shipping, staff the booth, and it’s likely that if you are a new exhibitor you will receive a less than desirable location within the venue. Of course, if the show is not local, there will also be expenses for travel and lodging to consider. Using Lulu's Marketing Services, you save all the money associated with attendance, while being part of a well known collective located in a prime location alongside other small independent presses and, in many cases, larger reputable publishers like Random House, Harper Collins, and others.

4. How many books will I sell at a book fair or trade show?

As with any marketing service, there is no guarantee on book sales. Book fairs are a proven method of marketing a book. Book buyers attend book fairs to find new titles. Your book fair marketing should be an element in your annual marketing plan.

5. How can I learn more?

For more information on book fair packages go to Marketing Services, submit your contact information, and a services consultant will contact you with more information. US residents may call direct at 1 (888) 265-2129.

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