Failed Purchase Payment

Hiya - I am attempting to simply buy my own book as if a usual customer. Yet payment has failed, despite my account being solvent! Has anyone else encountered this...?



  • There has been at least one other report.

    Try again using Paypal.

    Contact Support and ask them to cancel the previous failed order. 

  • me too i bough some book at site i paid paypal payment it said my order faild..why??

  • Hi All,

    If you encounter payment failures or other problems placing your order on Lulu, the best thing you can do is contact support via live chat or email here:

    Thank you!

  • i have this problem too, i dont have a paypal account, so i tried another card, the payment has been taken twice from my bank accounts, yet the status is 'failed'

  • I have had an e-mail from Lulu re this, and have just posted in another forum post (can't find my project) it's a Lulu system fault which they are trying to rectify - paying again via Paypal won't work until it is resolved. Go into my projects - my orders and cancel anything that looks like it has failed. I had the same problem and then an order went through and I got a 'your book has shipped' e-mail....two weeks ago, which is another glitch as it hasn't even been processed. They are locating ghost orders and re-sending them. gremlins in the works at the moment, but Lulu is aware - if you are worried I would get a problem ticket and email them as I did. They replied pretty quickly and will let me know in a couple of days once they have located my project. Good luck chaps   8O)

  • Me too.  I've tried all day, which may have been a mistake.  I have made all corrections necessary, and still says payent failed.  I will probably delete my account and hope the book I ordered is soon on Amazon or another site.  This has been a waste of time and peace. 

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