How do I put my books on Amazon?

Hi everyone,

I've been getting requests from people who want to buy my book that I put it on Amazon (apparently they can use vouchers there, and bundle their shipping with other purchases, so it's easier for shoppers). I'm not sure how to do this.

For the hardcover and paperback editions of the book I have up here, I chose to let Lulu get an ISBN for me. In the final stage of the wizard, where I was setting a price, the price showed both Lulu profits and off-site profits. I don't know if there are other steps I need to take to put my books on Amazon. I've tried searching for them by title on Amazon but they don't come up in the search results. Is this because they're not there, or are they just so unknown that they can't be searched for?

If/when they are on Amazon, how do I get a link to them to post on my Facebook and such?





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