Printed Images Came out Low Quality and Odd Colors (InDesign)

I recently published and received a portfolio i made with Lulu. THe images i placed in the file were far lower quality than they should have been and many grey tones came out as cyan. The PDF file was produced in Illustrator as CMYK. I am re-doing the portfolio this time in InDesign which I am trying to learn (obviosuly dont know it very well). I know how to control most of every other aspect of the formatting except how to ensure the photos do not come out grainy and crazy colors again as well as ensuring any grey-toned vector lines dont come out as blue. I have looked for this subject in relation to InDesign on the forums, but no luck. Help?


  • Create the images as 300dpii RGB jpg and place on the InDesign page.
    Export the InDesign page/book as PDF using the High Quality Print option.
  • Follow up question to that. The images i have now are produced in Photoshop and are sized roughly 34in x 26in at 72dpi. When i bring them into InDesign and reduce their size down to roughly 9.5in x 7.5in will that cause the dpi to rise possibly above 300 or will it just resample it to 72dpi regardless of its change in size? 

    Thank you so much!

  • No, no, no, no!
    You must resize the images outside of InDesign before you place them.
    Make the images as close to the physical dimensions they will occupy on the page and ensure that you set the resolution to 300dpi.
  • good to know! thank you so much
  • So we don't need to convert images to CMYK in Photoshop as per standard print specs then or will this result in a nasty colour shift? Normally these digital printers have C, M, Y and Black cartridges so one would assume CMYK would work better than RGB. Alternatively are there any colour prifiles we can embed into the images to give the most accurate colours?
  • No there is no need to 'convert' to CMYK 'colour seperations' or settings (because that is what they once were, with a printing plate made for each colour). I doubt that they are even 'standard' nowadays so it puzzles me why people still stick to such ideas when most 'pro' things for printing are done in the likes of the WYSIWYG Pagemaker   :-)

    Just a jpg will do. The printing machines can sort it out, you have no need to worry about how or what cartridge they use and when. (They do in fact mix them.) My own printing machine actually has 5 of them. (Two 'blacks'. Yes I know > strange ... ).

    Just make sure they are of 300dpi minimum and the exact size ot the page they are to go on, or to at least be the size to fit the frame you are sticking them into.

    In case you wonder what you create will be printed on, then is is the basic one >>

    This is a bit more complex >>>

    Paper and file in = book out.




  • How do you select the "High Quality Print option"?

  • Sorry, I forgot to mention:


    I am using a Mac, and Adobe InDesign CS6. I don't see anywhere, the Export option for "High Print Quality."


    Does it still exist in CS6?


    Many thanks!

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