Images in ePub cannot be anchored to text and image alignments move around.

I have been converting a word file to epub using the Lulu converter but have been unable to get a nice looking result. Portrait shaped images align left regardless of my choice of format in word. Landscape shaped images align center regardless of word format. The image rarely ends up at a location in the text in epub corresponding to that in word. There seems to be no way to anchor the image to the last word of the paragraph in word where you want the image to be in epub. The book looks so much better as a pdf file! Any suggestions anyone?


  • You cant align images as you would in a PDF.

    With Word images cannot integral in a paragraph, they must effectively be on a line of their own.
    Then they be left, center or right aligned.

    Images in an EPUB can of course be placed where you want them and with text wrapped around if you wish. But that is achieved in the design of individual components (XHTML & CSS files) of an EPUB file.



    Can anyone help resolve this error message?


    ERROR: attribute "align" not allowed here; expected attribute "alt", "class", "dir", "height", "id", "ismap", "lang", "longdesc", "src", "style", "title", "usemap", "width" or "xml:lang"


    This ePub file contains multiple images some of which are small and look much better aligned left with the text wrapping. This works fine on my iPad and various readers but Lulu checker has rejected it.


    How do I align images left in a way that Lulu will accept?

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