pages loose / falling out

Has anybody else have this problem? The book was a week old, looked at by about half a dozen adults and then the pages started to fall out?


  • Has anyone had a problem with pages coming out of the glued binding? I was a beautiful hard bound book, but very disappointed with it falling apart so soon. Lulu does not make it easy for getting any kind of recourse. I would like to have it reprinted but not at my expense.

    Has anyone found any kind of recourse in this situation?
  • Over the past two years, I have done several books as prototypes, spent several hundred dollars and all of the paper bound books fall apart and in a very short time. Just like you reported. Plus the coating on the covers comes off and separates from the paper stock.

    I thought about giving up but I had put so much work into the books and had already put them on the market that I decided to go forward. Now the prototypes are finished and I have found the hard cover case wrap and the small photo books stay together.

    I think this lack of quality is so unprofessional. One of the books is on already - I try not to think about a customer getting this product and having it fall apart. This should be an easy fix since it is I am sure in the glue being used in the binding process. Thank you for reminding me that I need to follow up on this and get it corrected once and for all.
  • This happened to me also. It was a color 44 page children's book that I printed and it is already starting to fall apart after looking at it just a few times. Does this happen often?? Because I am scared to print more copies of my book if this is going to be the quality on them all.

  • I am hearing from readers of my book they are having the same issue.. one had 12 pages fall out... this does not make the publisher nor us as the authors look good!

  • If you look at the dates of previous posts on this subject you will see that they quite old.

    This problem happens very occassionally and considering the number of books printed is not to be unexpected. It happens with all printers and all types of printing.

    When a problem likes does happen yes it is frustrating but Support will rectify it for you.

  • atropine,
    Ken is correct. Contacting Support is the best avenue for getting the issue resolved. Our customer service team currently has an 88% satisfaction rate, so you know you're in good hands!
  • Hi Folks,

    Ken's comment about the posts being old, and this has been corrected, is not my experience. I have ordered copies of my book (144 pages, perfect bound) over the past year with the latest order being three weeks ago. Examination of the books shows the quality is pretty bad, and pages are barely holding right out of the box. The comment about calling support is pretty much a waste of time since this is not a one-off problem; it's systemic. If Lulu sends me a replacement, it's printed and bound on the same equipment that created the bad copies in the first place.

    I have since retired my two books and am going to try other printers.  

    Pretty sad.


  • I just got a review of Seouled Out, and the guy gave me a "high B" which would have been higher, according to him, if the pages didn't fall out of the book. Looking at the posts on this topic, they go back to 2009, so is Lulu not doing anything about it? Isn' t correcting this problem in their best interests too? 

  • I've just had it happen to two of my books.  Each was published several months apart.  I was doing a final editing check on the both.  Sadly pages started falling out of each one - and I was honestly being rather careful.  Seeing that this problem goes back to 2009 I'm thinking I should probably switch to another publisher.  

  • It happens with best of publishers use glue whether they are POD or conventional.

    Unless you are willing to go to a printer using stitch and glue and then pay for that service.
  • Really? What kind of answer is that?


    If Lulu is selling shoddy books, and they know it, then we should be told up front!


    'Hey guys, we're printing shoddy books, you get what you pay for! Be warned that the pages will fall out after a week or two.'

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