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How to use the eBook Manage Distribution Page

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The Manage Distribution page allows you to control your eBook's retail channels.

Click My Projects > Manage distribution button for the title you wish to review. An eBook project will not display the manage button unless you:

  • Select Sell this book in the first step of the eBook Publishing Wizard
  • Apply an ISBN to the project
  • Supply an EPUB formatted file

Selecting either of the manage icons above will take you to the Manage Distribution page for that title. On this page you will see all of the available retail channels for your eBook along with your eBook's status in that retail channel.

Distribution Status Definitions

Your eBook's distribution status will display next to each retail distribution option.

  • Pending - Your eBook is awaiting review by Lulu's Quality Assurance team. Once this step is complete, you are on your way to distribution. To cancel your request click Cancel.
  • Processed - Your eBook has been reviewed and approved by the Lulu Quality Assurance team. It will now be sent to the retailers you selected for a final review. When your eBook passes the retailer’s review, it will be queued to be included in that retailer’s next site catalog update. The only means of verifying whether a title is listed on a retailer’s website is to search for the title.

    Helpful hint: Searching by the eBook’s ISBN, without the dashes, will return a list of all sites on which the eBook is currently offered for sale.

    If your book remains in the Processed status for more than four weeks, please contact our Support Team. We will attempt to locate your eBook in the process and provide you with additional information on your eBook’s distribution status.
  • Alert - Your eBook does not comply with one or more of Lulu's eBook Retail Distribution Guidelines. Our Quality Assurance team will email you a list of changes required for your eBook to qualify for retail distribution.  Once you revise your eBook, you can resubmit it for Lulu's review.

Common rejection reasons:

      • Your eBook has been rejected for formatting issues. The images and/or text in your file are blurry or not formatted properly.
      • Your eBook (cover, description or content) cannot contain links to other sites, products or upsell of other items. Conversion software links are not acceptable.
      • Your eBook has been rejected for missing, incomplete, unreadable, or inaccurate table of contents (NCX). The table of contents must be accurate.
      • Your marketing image does not fill the entire area. This makes your eBook cover contain white space in the unfilled portion. You may need to stretch your cover to fit the marketing image area.
      • Your eBook has been rejected for improper capitalization in the title. The first letter of all words in the title, subtitle and author name should be capitalized, except for the following words: a, an, and, for, from, of, or, the, to. The first and last word of the title and subtitle should always be capitalized.
      • The description of your title is too short/vague.
      • Technical review team notes: In accordance with the rejection reason, the lulu QA team will typically provide you additional instructions or notes to help clarify or provide direction at the bottom of the rejection dialog.
      • For more information, see: Top 10 Reasons Your eBook Was Rejected.
  • Ineligible - Your eBook does not qualify for distribution to a retail site because it does not include an ISBN, it is written in a language other than English, or it was created in fixed format (rather than reflowable text format). When possible, the reason for ineligibility will be displayed on the Manage Distribution page.
  • Inactive - You did not choose to submit your eBook for distribution to this retailer or you have removed the book from this retailer. 

Revising eBooks

If an eBook is revised or has just been revised, the Manage Distribution page will display the status of the newest version. The previous version will remain in retail channels until it is replaced by the new revision.

Additional Information

eBook Retail Distribution Guidelines

Top 10 Reasons Your eBook Was Rejected

eBook Distribution FAQ

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