We do not accept PDF documents with pages of differing sizes?

I got the above-mentioned message when trying to upload my pdf. I created it in indesign and to my knowledge ther eare no pages of a different size. Is there a FAQ or can someone offer me a littl emore guidance on where I might find the offending page settings? My document is set up as 6x9.



  • You will have created a PDF from InDesign so you should be able to view each page of the PDF one by one.
    Do that first.
    Also check that you have uploaded only one PDF. At the file upload stage if you have multiple files then the unwanted ones can be deleted. Big RED Cross.
  • This answer doesn't solve the problem.

  • Perhaps you should a new thread with your own individual question and provide the detail of your case.

    You posted in an old thread.
  • Hello! If anyone runs across this forum, I was getting the same error. I was exporting my document from Indesign. Apparently, Lulu needs single paged documents, so no facing pages. Once I turned off facing pages, it uploaded just fine! Just thought I would let anyone know this, since I was trying to find out the answer from these forums, but couldn't.

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