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I just found, a bit earlier, my book, "Footsteps on sand", being sold in paperback on Amazon by some unknown to me seller to whom I haven't given prior consentment to sell my work. The real problem is how does that seller have a paperback copy of my book listed as new in their list when I know precisely that they didn't buy it from here? How did they obtain my material?


  • Was it too much trouble to post a link to the item in question?

    I suspect this is Origin.

    Search the forums for references ro Origin -- there are many.


    Their info is wrong, they are chancers. They don't have your book. Nothing to worry about.

  • Hi - I'm sorry, I don't know what happened to the browser, I had posted the link in my message before. Yes, it is about Origin.

    Thank you for your reply!

    And this is the link that I was talking about (hope this time it remains posted):


    It is irritating but nothing to worry about.

    However if you are worried others have found that by contacting Origin the item is withdrawn. There is a lot about Origin on the forum which i don't want to repeat -- just use the search.


    (and I think there is currenttl a thread right below this one on the same subject.

  • Just a few that had my book up for free. you may want to start checking daily search your title and look to see who has it and if it's for sale of not.

    these web sites have MANY OF lULU PUBLISHED BOOKs, THAT THEY HAVE STOLEN THE DOWNLOAD AND ARE GIVING AWAY FREE AND UNLIMITED PRINTING ALSO FOR ANYONE JOINING THEIR web site. There are many of them. so search google online for resellers or for free nuts out there that think every ones work should be given for free.
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