Line Spacing on a 6x9 Book

I have looked around the site a bit but I can't really find an answer Im looking for. I was wondering what is the best (and looks best) Line spacing for a 6x9 Book. My Font style is Garamound and I am sort of on a inebriate on whether to make it size 11.5 or 12 because on 11.5 I can't read as well the Italics so. I appreciate some opinions on what my line spacing should be and like if anybody has any experience with this size book with similar font and font size It would be helpful too.




    It is really your choice. Try a few variations.

    I think though unless your book is very big and needs to save pages size 12 is good for everyday reading with single or 1.25 spacing.

  • If you don’t mind my saying (and I’m pretty new to the whole Lulu thing), but Garamond is a slightly “smaller” font to begin with. I would definitely not go less than 12 point on it. This might also depend on who your book’s audience is. If they will tend to be older adults (whose eyes might be bad) you might want to go with a slightly larger font: 13 or 14 points.

    Line spacing is specific to you, but what is nice about the Lulu system is that you can upload the entire thing, then check the “print ready file” and figure out if you need to make adjustments. Single space, 1.25 or 1.5 is probably your best options for line spacing. Any bigger and it becomes disjointed and hard to read. But again, this will also depend on your book’s audience.
  • I'll go with Peter on this. I have printed out my books and found Garamond 11 too small but 12 really fine. It looks professional. I fear that 13 or 14 looks a little like a children's book or padding. It depends on your target group and personal taste. Single space or 1.25. Wider than that and it becomes a slightly jerky reading experience.

  • Most of my books are 6 x 9 and I used 12 point font in Times Roman and they really look fine and easy to read, however; agree that it's good to experiment to see what works best for your particular reader. If it's for children, I would likely go to a bigger font.   Good luck with your projectSmiley Happy

  • Times Roman 12 point is the best of all.

  • Nohoarii wrote:
    Times Roman 12 point is the best of all.

    Of course, it is a personal choice, but I disagree for the reason that the font was designed for newspaper columns that needed to fit words in and is thus somewhat compressed, both by width and height.

    It is ideal for clarity and legibility at small size and within the confined space of news columns but in a book we don't have those limitations.

    Shoot me down but I have used Georgia and my current choice is Bookman Old Style.

  • Horses for courses.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    First cast out the beam out of thine own eye.

    ................and many more.

    and please can we stop taliking about line spacing and start talking about leading?

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  • Hey there--wondering what you decided to do. I really like Garamond 12pt as well, but am concerned about the italics, as they do look smaller and seem to run together.
  • The font used has a lot to do with font size. First, you should solicit a few opinions first if you think italics in Garamond look too small. Others may not have the same problem as you, and what potential readers think is most important.

    Also, someone suggested 1.5 spacing. That's too large unless you're specifically going for that look. A paragraph of text is supposed to have a consistent "color" to it. If you look at a paragraph and the spacing between the lines is readily evident (like white gaps between the lines) the spacing is too large. I used to use 1.25 spacing, but now I use 1.15 instead. Provides breathing room between lines without being too noticeable. But again, much depends on the font chosen.

  • In order to get my page count down, I reduced the font size to 11 and I'm going with Garamond. Would this be terrible with 1.15 line spacing? I love Times New Roman in size 12 font, but that would set the retail price of my 6 x 9 softcover to $23.00. That's a ridiculous price.

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