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New Idea


Status: New Idea!
by bonjotheclown on ‎03-13-2012 11:02

Two things I would like to see Lulu do

1 Distribute through Kobo

2 HAve some sort of hit counter in the Authors Spotlight so that we know how many times items have been viewed.


Coil bound book on "calendar paper"

Status: New Idea!
by Gnat58 on ‎03-01-2012 03:22

The calendars are exquisite and I would love to be able to print some of my picture books for elders on this stock, coil bound. Since the books are just 20 pages or so, the hardcover option is too costly for full color, and the paperback is so small, it does not have the same high quality look/feel.


I'm suggesting Lulu to partner up with Payoneer as many other companies have done. I sell things through another webstore which offers its sellers to get their payments directly onto their Payoneer card, which they can select as option in their settings. If they select Payoneer card as payment method, they will sign up through Payoneer and receive a pre-paid mastercard (of course empty first time received) and once a month the Payoneer mastercard is loaded with any funds earned. This is really great, and a perfect way to receive payments for people who don't have paypal, or for some reason can't take checks. It is also a great service with very low fees for using the card, you can pay with it anywhere that accepts mastercard both online and in the "real world". Personally I use it through Plimus ( http:/// ) but Payoneer got tons of partners that functions the same way for sellers using them. Payoneer cards can also be loaded directly from Payoneer's website ( ) which is an extra added bonus if one are selling other things that are not possible to sell through the partner one are using (such as plimus). I suggest this, and hope others will agree and vote for this excellent payment option!

gift cards

Status: New Idea!
by Dormannheim on ‎02-13-2012 05:32

please adopt the gift card option in lulu to enhance the promotion of lulu books when sending review copies.


Since Lulu changed the Revenue Report to only show the author's cut BEFORE Lulu takes its cut, I have to backtrack and figure out what percentage is mine and this is not only confusing, it encourages mistakes.  Why have you changed the report?  I no longer trust the numbers I am reading on Lulu.  For example, in the last revenue payment to me, my Lulu report online is $80 MORE than the amount I received from Lulu and there is NO WAY FOR ME TO CHECK AND VERIFY MY NUMBERS.  I am not sure I am getting paid the amount that I should be paid.

In addition, since the monthly actual payment is a sum and has no details (#books/mycut/lulucut) I cannot track the payment to the actual sales.

What's up with this new, less detailed Revenue Report ---- sure looks to me like Lulu is (1) hiding something and (2) wants to make sure authors aren't paying much attention to the total percentage of Lulu's cut per book.

I asked twice about this from your email support and STILL DO NOT HAVE AN ACCEPTABLE ANSWER.



Landscape books 10x8 or 11x8.5

Status: New Idea!
by chlange on ‎01-30-2012 04:06



am looking into publishing photo books in the 10x8 or even 11x8.5 landscape format and was surprised to see that you only offer 9x7 sizes, which is just to small.

So will have to look some place else. 


Lulu should offer to pulish the new iBooks format. Apple's new iBooks Author is a great product to make ebooks but it exports it as an .iBooks format. Please Lulu, please offer to publish the new iBooks format.


Gift ebooks & Print Copies

Status: New Idea!
by revlarsmi on ‎01-13-2012 07:57


I recently published an ebook and print copy of "The Faith Dozen" and I had a friend from AZ call me to let me know he could not buy extra copies of my Ebook to send as gifts to friends. Adding DRM to an ebook keeps it on one reader/computer and cannot be shared as we all know. I have noproblem with that. I asked support about maybe adding an option for their shopping cart where anyone buying an ebook can pay in advance and give an email where to send thier gift ebook. I also suggested that print copies could be paid in advance and sent to others with address provided, including shipping as an additional option.

Lulu support suggested I post that Idea here.

So? What do fellow lulu's think?    (I'm all ears).

GB, Rev. Dr. LRSmith


Can the background not be made black so where the edges of pages are can be seen?

I have 30 books in my shopping cart and i go to pay and the shipping cost is over $40 for both available options. MEDIA MAIL from the USPS would cut this cost in half. Why is this not an option? It saves money and is certainly the most ideal way to ship a large of order of books like is frequently done through this site. No reason this can't be done.


Drop Shipping

Status: New Idea!
by erbvillepress on ‎07-12-2014 10:46

It would be nice if lulu offered true drop shipping--definition: we, the publisher, order product from you to be shipped to our customers. The shipping label and invoice would have our name on it, not lulu's. Any chance this might become a reality.

Status: New Idea!
Hello Erbvillepress - Thank you for your recommendation. This would require some integration with our print vendors and some work on our end to identify publishers correctly. I have submitted an enhancement request for consideration as part of a future release.

More Sizes, More Distribution Options

Status: New Idea!
by azarae024 on ‎06-20-2014 01:24

Firstly, while Lulu seems to have a good range of sizes, there are some fairly common ones that it doesn't seem to have.  Maybe you could add a few traditional book sizes like 5.25" by 8", or 5"x8", which are common sizes that I have on a lot of books I own.  Also, with some of these smaller sizes, it's a lot easier to hold the book than a larger 6"x9", and some of them can even do hardcover.


Secondly, how come so few items are available for widespread distribution through Amazon and the like?  This place has a large range of styles for books but only about 5 of them are available for expanded distribution.  Perhaps you could add a few more sizes to the available distribution options; Lulu takes a share from all the sales anyway, so it'd be nice to have more range available for widespread sales.


I produce many series of books with matching cover designs etc; however in lulu it seems necessary to recreate the cover from scratch every time for each book which is fiddly and easy to get wrong.  How about adding a "clone book" feature to make it really easy?

Status: New Idea!
Hi Lokabandhu -Thank you for your recommendation. I this is an outstanding idea. I will add a product request to our tracking database to be considered by the product development team.

your help processes

Status: New Idea!
by Nick123456 on ‎03-17-2014 05:50

Hi guys,

the system of getting help from Lulu needs to be re-examined.

I sent an email asking for help with an issue and got a confirmation receipt almost immediately, which is great. It starts by saying:

Lulu received your support ticket and it is now in our system to be reviewed by our support team. While you are waiting for a response, you may find the information below helpful in resolving your issue. 

and finishes by reiterating what I've written, which are both also great.

I gave the email a quick scan and then sat back to wait for a reply to my email... which never came.... which is not great

I re-read the confirmation receipt and stumbed across this line buried near the bottom of the email: 

Click the link below to let us know if this information helped solve your problem or if you would like additional assistance: 

So... am I reading this right... I haven't received support yet because I sent you an email asking for help, and then you sent me an email saying "really, do you really need help? Just to be sure, tell us again before we help you." If this is true, this is the most ridiculous system ever. Avoidance is not good customer service. It's just really, really frustrating for the customer. 


colors used for cover and marketing items

Status: New Idea!
by noBS on ‎03-13-2014 01:42

As I have had issues getting the color I had in mind to end up on my final products, I propose this: akin to the glyph 'book' the designers use when working on the galley, why can't there also be a 'color book' to reduce the guesswork in choosing colors for backgrounds, fonts/verbiage, and on marketing kit items? Assign each shade or hue (there would be a few hundred, no doubt) a number, then the author could cite specifically which color(s) to work with, and thus reduce time and energy the designers expend on the projects. This could also make production quicker, and ease frustrations on the author's end of things.

I have attached issues I am having with the marketing design team trying to match a bookmark to the back cover color. Very frustrating!


Future Options In Cover Design

Status: New Idea!
by Kaze96 on ‎03-05-2014 10:47

This is a list of options I am suggesting on the basis of "because I think they'd be cool", so that's that.


Covers are the key part to your book. If you can impress with your striking cover art, you will not strike the reader with the passion that you put into the writing. So, for authors who do not have the money to pay for custom cover art, we are left to our own devices. I wish to suggest many ways to make the process of designing a cover very fun, easy, striking, and produce a very sophisticated print book.


Idea #1:
The one piece cover editor should really be taken down for a more advanced version of the main editor that incorporates spine editing (with images) and what not.


Idea #2:

Make a 3D viewer for the book that shows the approximate size of the most retailers show a profile view of a book.


Now, this is an idea I had and I was dazzled with the idea, but I know this is not able, but I'm putting it here. Here goes: Cover Wizard.exe. Yes, a standalone program of the Cover Wizard that would save files as .cover files that are strictly read by LuLu. This program would allow you to import pictures and edit your cover through it. Along with that, selecting different regions could change the styling from glossy, matte, metalic, shimmer, glitter, protruted, extruded, etc. This would allow books to be fully professional with different elements of design on the covers.


Idea...or demand #4:

5.5"x 8.5" (Digest) Hardcovers! PLEASE.

Idea #5:

Offer more affordable cover designers. Maybe if you have your own personal vision for the cover, you would pay more. For less, you can allow your designer to design an idea. You pay for the number of rounds of revisions. The more you pay, the more details that could be done.


These are just a few ideas I had, and I'll say it again: These are fantasy ideas, not meant to be made into anything (with the exception of #4, which honestly, should already be in place) unless it is physically, budgetly, and willingly in LuLu's abilities.


Although instructions on lulu tell you that you do not need to change your files from RGB to CMYK, your book will be printed in CMYK.

I was suprised to find this out because the (current) instructions specifically tell you that it doesn't matter. It does matter.

I contacted lulu support because I was getting warnings when ripping the pdf (using their pdf presets).. Lulu support reponded and told me that files will be printed in CMYK. I expressed my surprise that this important information is not included in the file prep instructions -- and they told me "great suggestion" and said I should add it here. I found that to be a rather baffling reply, but . . . should it help someone else who happens across this post in a forum . . . here it is.

So you absolutely SHOULD do your files in CMYK colorspace and with CMYK color images.

Good luck



Better Search Options

Status: New Idea!
by pearroth on ‎02-25-2014 08:02

Maybe I missed it, but I'd really like to search for genres and format.


i.e. Sci/Fi/Fantasy in eBooks.


WordFire Writer's Conference

Status: New Idea!
by lexi-trek on ‎02-23-2014 04:47

Hey Lulu. I love your site, and have purchased a few poetry books from you that were as fantastic as the authors who created them, truly! I think your team is briliant, and that your site is most likely the future of publishing.

My name is David Puerner, I'm a student currently attending Butte College (An ambitious JC in Northern California). I'm sorry for contacting you this way, but I couldn't find another way to get a hold of the lulu team. Anyway, Butte puts on a Writer's conference every spring, another WordFire will be held this April, and I was hoping you might want to send sombody out to our college to give a talk on self publishing thorugh lulu.

I think it would be a great oppertunity for you to garner some more interest in the north state, and guess what? A lot of us up here just finished Nanowrmo this last semester and maybe could use some of your guidence to figure out what the next step might be.

The way our conference is set up, presenters are given a one-hour time slot to educate their audience about whatever element of writing they've decided to bring to the table, but I want you to be there. I'd love it if lulu were there offereing a 1-hour workshop on self publishing, and maybe even bringing some tech so that you can get people to sign up for lulu during your presentation.

We offer this conference every semester, and while I'd love you to be a part of 2014's conference, this is something you could do in 2015 as well.

I'd love to hear back from you.

Thank you for reading, and please give my proposal some thought!


The ISBN process really needs to be... not simplified, but a bit more logical.

It's a bit of a long process if you're a new user, having to grab the ISBN just to complete a full-cover piece - only to make it accessible to oneself until your ready to actually go ahead with it - I think the option for an ISBN should still be there, but, at the very least, have some clarification ON the ISBN page, saying:

"If you are still adjusting your one-piece cover, but have yet to add your ISBN for distribution, and your project is not quite ready yet for distribution, then please click 'Only Accessible To Me" on the next page when you click continue. Once the adjustments are made, please revise your project and repeat this process when your book is ready for distribution with your ISBN."

Something, like the above, would REALLY clear up a lot of confusion during the Project Process when you are using ISBN's for the first time.

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