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New Idea


Status: New Idea!
by bonjotheclown on ‎03-13-2012 11:02

Two things I would like to see Lulu do

1 Distribute through Kobo

2 HAve some sort of hit counter in the Authors Spotlight so that we know how many times items have been viewed.


Coil bound book on "calendar paper"

Status: New Idea!
by Gnat58 on ‎03-01-2012 03:22

The calendars are exquisite and I would love to be able to print some of my picture books for elders on this stock, coil bound. Since the books are just 20 pages or so, the hardcover option is too costly for full color, and the paperback is so small, it does not have the same high quality look/feel.


I'm suggesting Lulu to partner up with Payoneer as many other companies have done. I sell things through another webstore which offers its sellers to get their payments directly onto their Payoneer card, which they can select as option in their settings. If they select Payoneer card as payment method, they will sign up through Payoneer and receive a pre-paid mastercard (of course empty first time received) and once a month the Payoneer mastercard is loaded with any funds earned. This is really great, and a perfect way to receive payments for people who don't have paypal, or for some reason can't take checks. It is also a great service with very low fees for using the card, you can pay with it anywhere that accepts mastercard both online and in the "real world". Personally I use it through Plimus ( http:/// ) but Payoneer got tons of partners that functions the same way for sellers using them. Payoneer cards can also be loaded directly from Payoneer's website ( ) which is an extra added bonus if one are selling other things that are not possible to sell through the partner one are using (such as plimus). I suggest this, and hope others will agree and vote for this excellent payment option!

gift cards

Status: New Idea!
by nnamrod on ‎02-13-2012 05:32

please adopt the gift card option in lulu to enhance the promotion of lulu books when sending review copies.


Since Lulu changed the Revenue Report to only show the author's cut BEFORE Lulu takes its cut, I have to backtrack and figure out what percentage is mine and this is not only confusing, it encourages mistakes.  Why have you changed the report?  I no longer trust the numbers I am reading on Lulu.  For example, in the last revenue payment to me, my Lulu report online is $80 MORE than the amount I received from Lulu and there is NO WAY FOR ME TO CHECK AND VERIFY MY NUMBERS.  I am not sure I am getting paid the amount that I should be paid.

In addition, since the monthly actual payment is a sum and has no details (#books/mycut/lulucut) I cannot track the payment to the actual sales.

What's up with this new, less detailed Revenue Report ---- sure looks to me like Lulu is (1) hiding something and (2) wants to make sure authors aren't paying much attention to the total percentage of Lulu's cut per book.

I asked twice about this from your email support and STILL DO NOT HAVE AN ACCEPTABLE ANSWER.


Landscape books 10x8 or 11x8.5

Status: New Idea!
by chlange on ‎01-30-2012 04:06



am looking into publishing photo books in the 10x8 or even 11x8.5 landscape format and was surprised to see that you only offer 9x7 sizes, which is just to small.

So will have to look some place else. 


Lulu should offer to pulish the new iBooks format. Apple's new iBooks Author is a great product to make ebooks but it exports it as an .iBooks format. Please Lulu, please offer to publish the new iBooks format.

Gift ebooks & Print Copies

Status: New Idea!
by revlarsmi on ‎01-13-2012 07:57


I recently published an ebook and print copy of "The Faith Dozen" and I had a friend from AZ call me to let me know he could not buy extra copies of my Ebook to send as gifts to friends. Adding DRM to an ebook keeps it on one reader/computer and cannot be shared as we all know. I have noproblem with that. I asked support about maybe adding an option for their shopping cart where anyone buying an ebook can pay in advance and give an email where to send thier gift ebook. I also suggested that print copies could be paid in advance and sent to others with address provided, including shipping as an additional option.

Lulu support suggested I post that Idea here.

So? What do fellow lulu's think?    (I'm all ears).

GB, Rev. Dr. LRSmith

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I want to have poeple by my books, and checkout on my website, without actually going to


Of course, lulu would still print the book and get their cut, but the buyer wouldn't have to travel from my website to lulu


They would do all of their business on my website (which would somehow be linked to lulu)


Is this possible?  If not, I think it should be.



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Why is "Currently Unavailable" written next to 11 of my books on Amazon? And where are the pictures?

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Units Sold

Status: New Idea!
by pipingrad on ‎07-06-2017 04:25

It would be very useful if the total number of units sold was listed with a project's other details. Even if the tally were only updated once a week/month.
Unless there's some method that I'm unaware of, the only way I can track the success/failure of a single project at the moment is if I go through page after page of sales data via "My Revenue" and COUNT..... which is stupid.

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Approve Book Digitally with waiver

Status: New Idea!
by DDoyleR on ‎06-27-2017 09:10

The process of ordering books only to find an error, yet cannot cancel is absurd. With several hundred pages it is easy to miss something after having ordered a proof. Then, one cannot go back and cancel an order even prior to going to press, let alone an hour later. So then, you have one bad print in the hopper coming out of the bank account and STILL have to order a print copy and pay for shipping. There has to be a better way of tracking and even Stop The Presses! Even if there is a smaller fee than the full press plus ship to offset Lulu's payroll costs, etc.


Or with a digital approval, click a Waiver box accepting full responsibility for errors. Some of us who have Text and/or BW orders do not care about paying for and receiving a print before being able to approve and move the process along.

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Publisher Question

Status: New Idea!
by Naomi 1001100110100 on ‎06-25-2017 04:00

I have a question - When finished uploading the file for a new book and filling out the information about the book for the Description, Publisher etc on the last page, can I use as the publisher?

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I realize Lulu offers services in editing, formatting, covers, advertising, and so on.


The problem is there are people who want to produce the most professional work they can, yet they can't afford to pay a lot for the services they may need.


This far too often leads to less than inspiring results that in turn impact Lulu's and the self-published authors' bottom line.


If Lulu added a forum for those people who offer freelance services to hang out a shingle for authors on a tight (or almost nonexistant) budget, it would likely lead to a higher quality of work offered.


This in turn would help lessen some of the stigma about shoddy work that so many in Traditional Publishing like to use against the Self-Published.

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After so much struggle I think a guide how to make a fixed canvas epub should be added at the website.


Not all the books are novels, and with the present guidelines it was very difficult to build an epub from the ground up, expecially when you cannot use Word.

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The £5 threshold for payments

Status: New Idea!
by Katie20 on ‎06-14-2017 05:38

As I can't find a way to post this anywhere else. I thought I would ask this here. 


How come there is a £5 threshold for your payments? What if you only get a couple of downloads and not met the required number? Will you never get your money? Would it be possible to suggest they take it away? Mainly for authors who are not quite established yet and trying to build an audience. 


This confuses me. Sorry if it sounds stupid. 


Katie x

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Dude--I CANNOT FIND ANY WAY TO MAKE MY OWN POST. What's up with that? How about a "New Post" button.


Geez. IT guys never get it. IT HAS TO MAKE SENSE TO OTHERS.




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Show Lulu-only options in the format selector

Status: New Idea!
by ‎06-12-2017 07:06 - edited ‎06-12-2017 07:06

Add a little "Lulu-only" icon to the format options which are NOT available for wider distribution.

Problems with the lack of an ISBN option when a Lulu-only print format has been picked by mistake continue to dog the forum questions. The little green tick is great when it appears but does need a learning curve to notice what it means. A "Lulu-only" icon against the other options (perhaps a little green "L" for Lulu in a circle?) would draw attention to what it means.

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Additional Paperback Size

Status: New Idea!
by on ‎06-09-2017 10:44

How about a 5.25" x 8" perfect bound size?


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