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New Idea

Revenue Viewing

Status: New Idea!
by ‎05-01-2012 10:58 - edited ‎05-01-2012 11:00

Please bring back the option to view revenue earned per book rather than per author. I have many many authors in my account and my own name is listed separately several times. It is next to impossible to keep track of which book and who sold what. I need to be able to see this information daily without having to click through 50 names.

Even author names of private projects are listed, as well as mock names for practice projects.

There has to be a better system than this. At the very least, allow me the option to sort them alphabetically that way all my "Maggies" will show lumped together instead of scattered.

I would like to get busy again with my own publishing. I need a better system please.

Thank you.


For context, see the following thread on the general discussion board:

It turns out that a written book review, as opposed to a simple star rating, is only posted on the site selected by the viewer at the bottom of each product page. Thus, if a person is viewing the U.K. site, and posts a review (in English), it only appears on the U.K. site, not on the U.S. site, nor on any of the other language sites.

Similarly, those in the U.K. can't see the U.S. reviews. I don't know what those in Aus/NZ see; probably depends upon which of the two sites their computers select by default. 

This would be particularly annoying to a U.K. citizen who publishes on Lulu, because their U.K. market would very likely never see any reviews posted on the U.S. site. Furthermore, an author might be completely unaware of the existance of a very damaging review on another site. If it was a U.K. author, and the damaging review was on the U.S. site, the author could be badly damaged by the review but have no knowledge even of what was happening to sales potential in the huge U.S. market.

And even if an English review shows up on the Spanish or French board, what's the harm. I have a website on which I advise people how to help struggling readers (in English), but I get international visitors daily, many of them from countries where English is not the official language. And even if someone in Spain posts a review, in Spanish, of an English author's product, the author should want to know that the review at least exists.

Please, consider making the following change: Cross post all written reviews to all sites, just as you currently do for your star ratings (which increment by one on all country sites no matter which site it's posted on originally.)

Thank you.

Rod Everson


As I understand, Lulu authors have a choice between Paypal and paper check options for receiving royalties. I'd like to suggest that Lulu offer authors who go with the paper check option the choice to also go with direct bank deposit. Here is why:

- Paper checks require printing and postage. A direct deposit will be better for the environment and less costly for Lulu to process. It is also easier for authors, who can avoid a trip to a bank or forwarding a check to a bank.

- While it is true that Lulu and its authors can achieve these benefits through Paypal, direct deposit is a better option because unlike Paypal, which charges the funds recipient fees ranging from 1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30, direct deposit is free for most banks. Moreover, the recipient is spared the trouble of going through Paypal and transferring funds to his account.

dust jackets for photo books

Status: New Idea!
by beverlypearl on ‎05-23-2012 08:11
I have a client who wants a large photo book in horrizontal format. The chosen style is offered in casewrapped hardcover but not the dust jacket. Though it hasn't come up often with my clients, it would be good to be able to offer that option. Also, I have had requests for standard books 11" w x 8.5" tall. When Lulu gets around to expanding its repertoir this could be something to think about.

add "price" as a search feature

Status: New Idea!
by lisamramharakh on ‎02-29-2012 02:23

can you please add a search/brownse feature based on price

this is the only way I can find books at a reasonable price to buy


thank you



Coupon Code List

Status: New Idea!
by on ‎02-27-2012 10:21

I think it would be a good idea to have a module listing the current coupon codes and promotions on every page, including the forums, same as with Kudos or Tags.

In fact, this is more important as it might encourage people to buy more.


control over "spotlight"

Status: New Idea!
by Bill Jancewicz on ‎02-14-2012 09:49
I still am unsatisfied with Lulu's "Spotlight" web page. I much preferred
the older "Storefront" web page and the possibility to place items more
selectively. I have told Lulu so, in the past, and they said that they might be
considering more customization to the spotlight page. As it stands, the
publications that are presented are not always the most relevant, and, so far, nothing new.



Currently, there is very little control over the order in which the books appear on the spotlight/storefront, except by publishing them in a certain order, in order to get them in the publication date order. Another way to attempt to control the order of the books is to tweak the customer rating, but none of these ways are satisfactory. Recently I had to modify a cover, and it damaged the carefully planned order of my 32 volumes.

I suggest you create a way for authors to choose the order in which their books are displayed on their storefront. I also suggest you allow us to create sets of books (2 volumes sets) to show which books go together, if not when buying, at least on the storefront/author spotlight.


Adjust shipping costs based on weight

Status: New Idea!
by soukie on ‎01-17-2012 02:24

Consider adapting the shipping cost based on soft-/hard cover and number of pages.

The price of shipping currently does not take into account the weight of the items. I noticed that adding e.g. 30 copies of a book results in the same shipping cost whether the book has 52 or 256 pages or is soft or hard cover. As a result, for small books, the shipping costs make a disproportionate part.

More Project Details.

Status: New Idea!
by on ‎09-14-2011 07:25

I was looking at the Cookbook Wizard and from the first page of Publish - Types, it goes right in to the Wizard with no details at all as to how it works or its limitations, or if you can have an ISBN for it. I clicked Help within it, but it was blank. I clicked a further link in that and it took me to bits in the forums about it!

I next looked via my My Lulu and there you see Product Details, but there are very few details and yet again you end up being directed to the forum!

This seems to be common and it is no wonder people get confused and also ask in an existing thread that is already in a random forum area!

The first thing you should see are FULL product details (not just "All you have to do is ... ") and specifications and limitations, and if it can have a LULU ISBN or not, what file types, image types (and DPI) etc etc etc, before you get as far as a Wizard, in ALL Project types. Then the Wizard can be fired up, or not, until you are ready.


Lulu's system seriously needs to be equipped to automatically email people when Apple rejects something, and also tell them WHY it was rejected.  The quicker an author can correct something, the quicker Lulu can get more revenues, so I'd think it'd be a win-win situation if Apple's rejection notifications could be tied directly to automatic email updates to the authors.  I once spent 90 unneeded days waiting for a book to show up on the Apple catalog once it went to listed and it never did.  After countless customer service reps, it wasn't until I found ONE person that they found out they had rejected it because it had a cover glitch.  If I would've known about this beforehand, I would have been able to fix it and resubmit it in, literally, 5 minutes.  But no one told me about it OR could even seem to find out what the problem was until I found that one customer service rep. who obviously knew who he should be talking to/what he should be looking for.




The subject says it all. Could this possibly be implemented?


I truly understand why you want to limit categories for a book to prevent abuse by zealous authors who believe everyone wants to read their book.

However, some books do apply to more than one category. You win when the author wins so having a book "legitimately" appear in more than one category increases exposure.

I would suggest perhaps three book categories, but certainly at least two.

In my case, most people will assume that Religion/Spiritual means "non-fiction" (that is, for true believers). Mine is an religious historical fiction thriller.

For example, where would you then classify "The Da Vinci Code"?


I did a revision of a project. I needed to change only the PDF content file. 

So, all I uploaded was the new PDF content file. I didn't want to touch the covers, so I didn't upload any new covers.

However, as part of the misnamed 'Revision' process, Lulu forced me to remake the entire project: to 're-save' the covers to PDF over again, and so I needed to download them again to check that Lulu did their 're-saving' right.

As far as I'm concerned this was unnecessary. Why can't I just replace the PDF content and have Lulu allow me to merely use the existing cover files?

This may be slightly harder for Lulu programmers (or, at least, they'll have to rearrange the existing code a bit), but would be easier for the user to do and also easier to understand what 'Revision' means. It would mean I can incrementally progress towards my finished project, and parts that are finished I don't need to touch again.

So, in brief, my suggestion:
If covers are done, and I don't change them, don't make me do again in the 'Revision'.
If content is done, and I don't change it, don't make me do again in the 'Revision'.

Smiley Happy

Steven Rowat

Return Hits function

Status: New Idea!
by on ‎05-25-2012 11:07

Lulu should add the Hits function again, so writers will know which books are receiving the most hits.

This was most helpful to me as an author of sixty-one published books.


Have you seen the picture books on uTales? I love the way they are displayed and would like to be able to offer my picture books in this kind of format. Is it possible that Lulu can do something like this in the near future? I have a book in their cue now, and ready to submit for approval; but I'm not happy with all the things I have to agree to with their Licence Agreement. I prefer to have it available as a download sale period.


Gift card

Status: New Idea!
by calii927 on ‎05-12-2012 05:15

I just send a book to a childhood friend. There was no option for a gift card so she will get the book and have no idea who it came from. I am disappointed that this was not an option. I would not have bought the book and sent it to her if I knew this. I think it would be a good idea any time the shipping address is different from the billing address to offer this option. I was not. Best wishes.


Hi, I'm finding, when I do research of books (especially here in the UK) on bookstore shelves that many of the book covers are matt rather than gloss-finished. I was wondering if Lulu will consider providing an option for authors to select what cover they would like their books to have.

Stand-alone Lulu bookstore

Status: New Idea!
by on ‎04-11-2012 07:19

Lulu is a great resource for self-publishers, and I'm a big fan, but would it be feasible to put together a 'stand alone' bookstore without the publishing options?

As it stands, the website is heavily skewed toward encouraging creators to self-publish their works, and whilst the new graphic pointing to the search box is OK, it still doesn't REALLY push Lulu as a place for readers to buy books.

Lulu has a fantastic catalogue of titles and this would give both Lulu and its creators an opportunity to really capitalise on that massive resource.

I would certainly be prepared to sacrifice a small percentage of my revenue for this, as would (I think) a lot of creators.

Lulu in Portuguese

Status: New Idea!
by joao_pimentel on ‎03-15-2012 07:04

Good day

Portuguese language is the sixth/seventh most spoken language in the world, with around 190 million speakers

On the other hand, when it concerns Internet users by language, Portuguese is on the top 5

Please kindly add Portuguese language, if feasible, on the lulu international option website.

Thank you so very much

Kind regards



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