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New Idea

e-Book Section

Status: We Did It!
by on ‎05-12-2011 09:36

I recommend making a  Section/Forum just for ebooks as the formatting and issues entailed are entirely different from that of print books.



Status: We Did It!

Thanks for the great idea Maggie!

eBook Formatting

Staff Announcements

Status: We Did It!
by on ‎10-02-2011 08:29

Should be placed so they are the first thing people see when they click Connect, plus they should be placed stuck to the top of every forum section, then people who seem to randomly visit random sections of Connect, etc, to moan about 'surprise' changes can see them ...  Smiley Mad

What would be ideal is if they were actually e-mailed out! (Or do Lulu not split creators from buyers in their mailing list?)

Status: We Did It!

A Writers Forum

Status: We Did It!
by on ‎06-03-2011 11:10

I've seen this idea suggested in various posts throughout the forums, but never suggested . . .

How about beginning a Writers Forum for new and veteran authors (and other members who wish to chime in, of course)?  It'd be an enormous benefit for all members, where they can discuss the craft of writing, as Ron Miller suggested, bounce ideas around, or just wish to chit-chat with likeminded people here.  Make it stable, however.  Hopefully it could be placed in the Active Area where it can be found after we arrive at the Connect page. 

Just a thought.


Status: We Did It!

More forum moderators please

Status: We Did It!
by on ‎03-18-2012 03:45

Dear Lulu,

At the moment, there appears to be little moderation on the forums. A cursory glance today at some new posts revealed a few rude, arrogant remarks made from one poster to another. Although it did not involve me at all I was tempted to enter the particular thread and point out the inappropriateness of the remarks, but having done that already on previous threads, I have a gut feeling that I would slide down the slippery slope of wasting my time attempting to moderate something that shouldnt be my responsibility.

I notice you use Lithium as the software to provide your forums. I do not know what priviliges they give moderators but I used to be a moderator at a retro gaming forum which uses the PHPBB software. When I look at each post on my forum, I have special icons only I can see on each post, allowing me to edit, delete, lock the thread, unlock it, compare ip addresses, issue a warning, send the post to a global moderator for further advice etc.

. If Lithium provides this then those options are being underused. I know you often lock threads but there is nothing wrong with simply deleting the offending post or editing it (adding a note to the community to make them aware of the changes).

So basically, I do appreciate that being a forum moderator is an unpaid, thankless job at times, but you *do* need more. I notice there is no activity on weekends either, none that I have noticed anyway, of the presence of moderators. Like most people who moderate forums, I too have a full time job, but would still gladly offer to help out here nevertheless, and could easly give an hour or two a day.

Status: We Did It!

Marketing Board

Status: We Did It!
by on ‎04-14-2011 02:26

Rename to "Marketing Tips" or "Marketng Information.

Status: We Did It!

Thanks for the idea Ken!



Dear Lulu,


I only wanted to change the price of my book but I had to create a revision and then order a copy and re-approve the book. I didn't change ANY of the content and the price is NOT shown on the book cover.

I suggest that LULU creates a feature that allows you to change the book price without having to create a revision, go through the whole revision process and order a new copy for approval.

Status: We Did It!
You can now make changes to some of a projects data on the Revise page.

I recently revised a project, the new publishing file just had a few ammendments to the layout. Content is exactly the same.

In the process of revising my project I lost the only customer review I had which was a 5 star review.

I think it would be helpful not to retire customer reviews when a project is updated, now it looks as though no one has purchased my book.


Status: We Did It!



Several people have asked for the download count of free ebooks

to be available.


I understood from Lulu support that in the past free ebooks had to

be added to the cart, and then checked out for free. I suppose this

way the count would be available to the author without Lulu having

to make any modifications/additions to their software. This was

too confusing for users though, and was changed to a "regular" download.


Still, it should be quite straightforward to include the download

count again: it could be retrieved from the server logs, or be logged

via a separate ("ajax" style) counter.


So this is a feature request: please make the download count available :-)






Status: We Did It!
Hi Patrick - it's probably a little late to update this post, but free eBook downloads are now visible on your Revenue page.

Hi there


I have a non-English name: João.

As an author I am, I feel a bit unconfortable when I see my name on the title of the browser incorrectly spelled.

Please, solve this issue on the next update. (add the letter 'a' with tilde)




Thank you

Status: We Did It!
Hi Joao Your name appears correctly on the browser tab in both Firefox and Chrome. Please have a look in your preferred browser and let us know if this is resolved to your satisfaction.

Hi Lulu

Right now I feel that you treat me as a customer, i.e. someone who is looking to buy books when you email UK specific coupon codes in your marketing campaigns.

These are great so thanks for them.

But as an author I like to annouce these reductions on my Facebook page for my book, and I only get sent the UK offers as I am a UK author.

I would love you to be able to email me all offers in all countries, as it is the authors who can play a major role in seeding out these offers to many hundreds and thousands of customers.

I did look in your announcements page but saw nothing about any coupons there.

Also, email is great as if you can send the offers to us the day before, we can make maximum use of them.



Status: We Did It!

Hi Simon, great news, we actually already do this. Go to our specials page, and on the bottom, you'll see current promotions. If you use the country selector on the bottom while on the page, it'll refresh with the coupon code of the country you selected.

Thanks for using Lulu!

Pricing Promotions

Status: We Did It!
by patmat2350 on ‎03-23-2012 08:53

Dear Lulu:

I love and hate your pricing promotions.

My book is primarily sold in small bulk to museum shops. The only way I can offer affordable pricing to these shops is to combine bulk discount, drop-shipping, AND one of your frequent promotions. So that's OK.

And I should say that I ONLY place orders when you have a promotion.. can't afford it any other way.

So why not just make it permanent? You'd generate more volume, and make it easier for me to offer firm price points with short lead time to my customers. As it is, I have to say "allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, because I'm never sure when Lulu will have another promotion".

Status: We Did It!


Some updates about bulk pricing and promotions:

1) We have updated our eCommerce engine to make it easier for both Authors and Buyers to purchase content.  Part of that update involved reevaluating our bulk tiers.  There have been changes to bulk tiers for Euros and slight changes to Pounds.

2) Some lower quantity bulk tiers are currently not available within our new system. We will be adding those bulk tiers within the coming weeks.  If a user does not see any bulk tiers where there once were ones, please rest assured those tiers will be available very soon.

3) We appreciate user's patience as we refine our eCommerce engine -- the ultimate goals of which is to help authors sell more copies of their books.

4) In case you missed it, Lulu will be launching a new sales promotion April 2 - 6 where savings are automatically applied to one's cart.

On the top of my web-shop, I can read «Suchen Sie Xxxxx's Rampenlicht». This makes laughing every customer, because this seams to be German, but it isn't. As author or editor, we should take care of the language. Will customers buy my books, if there are spelling mistakes and wrong words on the web-site?

  1. In this context, the verb should be «Durchsuchen» an not «Suchen» (wrong word). «Suche» in the search button is OK.
  2. In English, the Saxon Genitive has an apostroph, but not the German language. So it should be «Xxxxxs» instead of «Xxxxx's» (spelling mistake).
  3. «Rampenlicht» means the flood light in a theatre. In this context (search the spotlight), best would be «Angebot» (wrong word).
  4. On the top of the site, just right to the Lulu logo, replace «Autor Rampenlicht» (two words without any connection in German) by «Buchhandlung». The same word could be used in the title bar of the browser frame. («Xxxxxxxs Buchhandlung» and not «Xxxxxs Bücher und Verlegungen Rampenlicht» — this means «X's books and displaced flood light»; I am sorry, but this way, it becomes difficult to find customers with Lulu) (non-sense sentence).

The rest of the web shop is OK. Thank you to change this as soon as possible. You can trust me. I am an editor and I publish books in German, books I proof-read before printing.

Status: We Did It!
Last year we hired a native German speaker to help improve the experience for our German authors and their fans.


Status: We Did It!
by on ‎12-11-2011 09:23

Many sites that have country options have country flags at the top of the Home Page (and often the top of all pages). They are easy to see and most people know what they are for. Can Lulu also do this please? The country/money options at the bottom of  only some pages are only clear to those who actually scroll right down the page/s! And on the Home page it is a long way down!

Status: We Did It!

Country flags are now displayed next to the text.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Store widget for sites

Status: We Did It!
by domenicbooks on ‎10-28-2011 03:05

Can Lulu provide store widgets like amazon's astore, something that can be embedded on websites and thereby help advertise and boost sales of selected books.


Status: We Did It!
Hi dominec, as Ricks99 said, we actually already do this. Take a look at your product page and in My Lulu and you'll uncover lots of great functionality. Thanks for using Lulu!

Unclutter the dashboard

Status: We Did It!
by on ‎10-03-2011 08:29

Once the migration is completed can we please get the little announcement off the dashboard - it is distracting. It would also be nice if it dissapeared when the related ebook or print project was retired as it is no longer valid at that point.

Status: We Did It!

Access Coupon codes on your site

Status: We Did It!
by issues on ‎08-22-2011 04:22

I try to keep my in boxes cleaned out and have deleted the coupon code emails which come and then decided to produce the items.  Is it possible to have a "My Lulu" link to current coupon codes so we can access them on line?

Status: We Did It!
Hi issues, thanks for your suggestion. We actually already do this via our specials page - - Thanks for using Lulu!


Status: We Did It!
by gapwing on ‎06-02-2011 10:37

print posters it would be great

Status: We Did It!
gapwing, we actually already offer a service for posters - - Thanks for using Lulu and enjoy!

Enable Forum Username Change

Status: We Did It!
by on ‎05-16-2011 01:24

Many people unknowingly have chosen complex usernames and have been asking how to change them.

I suggest connecting the personal information in Settings so that was is entered there displays in Forums.

In other words,  please allow Forum users to change their own Forum name instead of going through Lulu staff.




Status: We Did It!
Hi Maggie - as part of the latest Lithium upgrade, forum members can now update their own usernames. Click on My Settings at the top of the page, et voila! Please keep in mind that forum names must be unique and cannot include spaces.

Contact for questions!

Status: We Did It!
by SPCII on ‎03-28-2011 07:10

I've been on this site for 10 minutes or more trying to find where and how to ASK A QUESTION!! There is no place to make contact with you! I want to use your service to publish my book, but I'll be damned if I'm going to spend my money without any kind of assurances! I want to know how I can SEE the quality of photographs printed by you. I have written a book on how to have the Greatest Portrait Ever Created, and I have included several portrait examples. I NEED to know how they will look as reproduced by you before I go ahead with ordering 100s of books!

Status: We Did It!

You can contact Lulu by going to the "Help" button on the top right of every page! There are options for Live Chat or Email.

This was actually brought up before, on the older boards, about six months ago. It's been mentioned recently in the Discuss area, but not addressed here.

Many of us with books available on extendedREACH would like to pay the $75 to upgrade to globalREACH. I'm one of them. There's nothing in extendedREACH that isn't also in globalREACH, so it should be a fairly simple transition to make.

Yes, I know that right now there is a way to work around this: retire the old project, and then create a new one, which will have a new Project number, a new ISBN, and whatever else. That's a bit more work than should be necessary, and can screw up links and other information on non-Lulu sites. The process really should be as simple as clicking on the "Manage" control for the project's Distribution and buying globalREACH from there.

With a half-dozen or so customers who have openly voiced this desire, there are probably several dozen, and possibly hundreds, who would like to be able to do this. Some may be migrating to other POD publishers such as CreateSpace.

Will this be implemented any time soon? If not, why not? No offense intended, but it really shouldn't be that difficult!


Status: We Did It!
Hello Bobgreenwade - this functionality was included when we made globalREACH free in the fall of 2013. I hope you have been able to take advantage of it.

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