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New Idea

My Author Spotlight has 25 pages, and I doubt if anyone, including me, is willing to click through 25 pages. 

How about adding an option of "List All Books" to the sorting options of "Relevance," etc.?

All the book would come up on one page, preferably in an order that the author or publisher specifies.

In other words, it would be like the one-page Storefront I had before Lulu changed things.

David Bruce

Status: Considering
Hi David, thanks for the suggestion. Designing a better solution for authors with a large number of books is certainly a good idea, and one we'll consider for the future. Thanks for using Lulu!

Tabs for a lot of books

Status: Considering
by on ‎11-08-2011 08:51

Following David Woodward, I post this suggestion also here. It was posted in an other discussion and had 8 kudos there.

tabs.jpg- I would like have tabs. So, my (and lulu's) client can find easyly the books. 

-- First standard tab would be "New" (Nouveautés, Neuheiten): max one page, the newest ones.

-- A second standard tab would be "Bestsellers": all books sold at least for one time, the most wanted on the top.

-- I can tag my existing and new books with up to five tags. This tags appears as Tabs. If I am a publisher, such a tab can be the name of an author with some books or for different series, ... . Or as an author I write novels and children books. ....

This suggestion is important for everyone who has more books on Lulu as appears on one page.

Status: Considering
Hi Benziger, thanks for your suggestion. I don't know if Tabs are the correct solution, but what you've identified is the need for us to allow you to separate books into different categories. This is an excellent idea and one we'll consider for the future. Thanks for using Lulu!

I would like to be able to add a flag counter to my spotlight. On the old storefront I had added a flag counter so I could keep track of how many people visited my page and from what country. This useful facility is not available on the author's spotlight as there is no means of pasting the counter code and no access to the source code.

Status: Considering
Hi, thanks for the suggestion. Tracking how many visitors come from different countries is an excellent idea, and one we'll consider for the future. Thanks for using Lulu!

Profile name changeable

Status: Considering
by on ‎11-08-2011 08:55

Following David Woodward, I post this suggestion also here. It was posted in an other discussion and had 8 kudos there.

Profile name: it should by changeable. As a publisher, not an author, the site defaults to my name in the profile section, where I want it to read my company's name.

Status: Considering
Hi Benziger, thanks for your suggestion. You're situation is quite common, and I agree we should certainly allow our solution to be customizable for publishers and not just authors. We'll consider this enhancement in the future. Thanks for using Lulu!

Spotlight ideas

Status: Considering
by shanrick on ‎10-02-2011 10:11

How about only ONE piture of each entry with all of the options listed under it. For example, if I have a book in print and it is also available as a download, just put a picture of the cover and then list the options under it. Why have multiple images of the same book listed for each option. I have some items that are available as print, download, paperback, hardback, etc, and my spotlight site is clogged up with an image and a description for each version. This is redundant and cluttering. Simple, uncluttered and austere is how I would like my spotlight. If anybody else wants cluttered and redundant, good for you. But give us a choice.

Status: Considering
Hi shanrick, thanks for the suggestion. Having only one picture per book with all the format options listed under it is a great idea we've heard from many before, and one we'll certainly consider for the future. Thanks for using Lulu!

Cardboard display stand

Status: Considering
by lustorders on ‎08-02-2011 07:45

It would be very useful for authors to be able to order from a source connected to Lulu (or the printer that prints the books on demand) a  cardboard stand adorned with an image of the book's front cover  for the purposes of displaying a sample book in an outlet which will stock the book. 

Status: Considering
lustorders, thanks for the suggestion. Its an interesting idea we've never talked about, but perhaps we can create a service offering for this in the future. Thanks for using Lulu!

Since there is already a back cover, can we have an options to place all the photos on the back , that are in the calendar? Its one thing a lot of people did when looking at my calendar, was look at the back, instead of looking through it.

Status: Considering
Hi Denise, thank you for your suggestion. We'd have to do a lot more research on this idea to gauge customer demand, but it certainly seems like a reasonable idea and something we'll consider in the future. Thank you for using Lulu!

I'd be happy to have the option for lulu to keep my revenue as credit toward buying more of my own titles, instead of the revenue automatically going to paypal.  Paypal takes a cut, which is fine, but if I can just keep the revenue at lulu then (a) I can apply it all where I want it to go anyway and (b) lulu gets that small, small amount of interest in keeping my money.

Otherwise - this very long time customer remains more than satisfied.

- Trevor

Status: Considering
Thanks Trevor, this is a really great idea! This is something we'll definitely look into building next year.


Status: Considering
by jheinser on ‎12-10-2011 01:34

When you view your book in any way, shape or form, we should be able to see a 2 page spread.  It is decieving to see one page at a time!  Especially when many designers DESIGN two pages at a time together!

Status: Considering
Hi jheinser, thanks for your suggestion. A more comprehensive product preview for the author is certainly a good idea, and one we'll consider for the future. Thanks for using Lulu!


Status: Considering
by on ‎12-07-2011 07:30

How about allowing us to set two prices?

On our Spotights we could add a button that will take people to another price option that not only works out and takes into account and displays any 'bulk' discount Lulu already offer, but also so that we can set a lower price for anyone who wants to buy, say, in batches of 10? The system works out price, not counting shipping, (10 + 10 x price = £X (etc) ) to be displayed on that page before they move to the Cart.

Status: Considering
Thanks for the suggestion Kevin. What you're describing isn't really a "2nd price", but 1 price, with the ability to add conditions that change that price. Its an excellent idea and something we'll consider in the future.

gift cards

Status: Considering
by nnamrod on ‎11-12-2011 09:14

will lulu make gift cards to accompany books available soon?

Status: Considering
Thanks for the suggestion! Yes, as Kevin said, you're not the first to suggest this, and we're well aware there is demand for this feature. We'll definitely attempt to implement this in the future.



I noticed that if someone leaves a review under the English (US) page it does not appear under the English (UK) page, can you please combine these two pages so the reviews appears on both English pages.  I can understand the English versions not showing French or Spanish reviews and vice versa...but it makes no sense that the English US & UK pages are kept separate.


The reason I brought this up is because I have two reviews on the English US version, so US users will only see 2 reviews.  Whereas on the UK vesion of the page I have 15 reviews, but the US users cannot see this.  Since this is both the same language they should be combined.


At the moment the only way a user can see both, is to go to the bottom of the screen and select a langugage option underneath "International".  The reviews then appear and disappear above this section depening on the language option selected.




Status: Considering
Hi Ryan, thanks for the suggestion. We won't be able to ever "combine" reviews", but having a listing of "similar" or "related" reviews for a book is a great idea and one we'll consider for the future. Thanks for using Lulu!

Would Like to List Titles

Status: Considering
by on ‎09-29-2011 08:12

The new Author Spotlight shows very few books at a time.

It would be a big help to have a list of all titles of books in the Author Spotlight. The list would always appear at one side of the Author Spotlight. That way, possible buyers will know immediately what is available without having to keep clicking on new pages. My own Author Spotlight has 25 pages, which is too many pages to click through.

If the number of words allowed in the PROFILE section were greatly increased, I could list my titles there.

David Bruce

Status: Considering
Hi David, thanks for the suggestion. Making the Author Spotlight span for authors with a large number of books is an excellent idea, and one we'll certainly consider for the future. Thanks for using Lulu!

Two suggestions:

Calendar templates are too limited. Add a simple template with a thin border and allow people to select the color of the border, for example, black, white, and gray for photo calendars.

Also, the template I use (no background design) has only vertical lines on the calendar pages and this is annoying to my customers. PLEASE add horizontal and vertical lines to all calendar template pages or add and option to choose them..

Status: Considering
Hi Janet, thank you for your suggestion. I think these are certainly good ideas to improve our calendar tool, and ideas we'll consider in the future. Thanks for using Lulu!

the shopping cart needs a link on the cart page to take our customers back to our storefront so they can continue buying products from us. we have a lot of clients that purchase our product but find when they add product to their cart, and then they click keep shopping, they are taken to the main lulu page and not back to where they were.



Status: Considering
Hi Jas, thanks for the suggestion. Offering the ability for buyers to go back to an Author's Spotlight is certainly an interesting idea for the cart, and one we'll consider for the future. Thanks for using Lulu!

A lot of people do not trust PayPal - or like me have had a bad experience with them and a dollar cheque is not cashable in some countries.

So why not offer payment by bank transfer, it is simple to set up (easier than PayPal) and more secure.

If you do then I can use you again to sell my books, otherwise I will have to go elsewhere. I have held back from placing my books with you again, because of the PayPal problem.

John Tompkins

Status: Considering
Hi canoesailor, thanks for the suggestion. We always want to help our authors get paid, so bank transfers may be an idea we'll consider. Thanks for using Lulu!

Lulu APP for the iPad

Status: Considering
by edfubooks on ‎09-13-2010 08:51


Lulu should make an App for the iPad, so iPad users can access Lulu direct.  And then they should be able to  download PDF ebooks, instead of those stupid epub things.


Epub is hopeless, when you have strange fonts and many diagrams, it screws up the formatting completely, and many things do not print.  PDF is the only format that will handle these complex books, and the iPad should be able to handle any PDF.

Status: Considering
edfubooks, thank you for your suggestion! We'd have to do a lot more research on the idea, but an iPad app is certainly plausible for the future and something we may consider down the road. Thanks for using Lulu!

Finalization Warning, Please!

Status: Considering
by bh1 on ‎06-25-2012 05:50

Having just finished walking my first eBook thorugh the process, I have a suggestion.

After creating a marketing image and all that, perhaps that final "save and continue" button could be relabeled something like "finalize and publish"? Had I known there wasn't another "step" to be taken, I might well have not gone further at that time.

Considering Lulu's dedication to putting the power in our hands as publishers, I think fair warning (e.g. a better label!) would be helpful.

Another way to handle this might be to have a pop-up appear which says 'ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO FINALIZE AND PUBLISH THIS PROJECT?' with a 'yes-continue'...or a...'no, not at this time' choice.

I'm a little disappointed not to have gotten a warning, but since my project was set to 'private,' it's certainly not the end of the world. Still, for Lulu novices, something of this ilk might well be a plus!


Status: Considering
Hi BH1 We are in the process of evaluating this process and your feedback has been passed along to the appropriate product manager. Thank you for taking the time to submit your recommendation.


Status: Considering
by WTFSexSecrets on ‎06-21-2012 08:03

I have found that I sell a lot more copies of my ebooks when I inform people that Lulu accepts Paypal. Often, after people visit the site, they message me asking if the site accepts Paypal, which I then have to inform them that it does. When linking to my ebooks, I always have to clearly state "Paypal Accepted".


Maybe Lulu could include a visible Paypal logo on the individual product pages, so that people know that it is an accepted payment method as most people use PayPal.



Status: Considering
Hi WTFSexSecrets. Thank you for taking the time to submit your recommendation. I will forward it along to the market place product manager for consideration as a future improvement.

veiwing counter

Status: Considering
by fiftysboy on ‎05-02-2012 01:29

I would like a veiwing counter, it would give me a idea of how many people are veiwing my book.

Status: Considering

I spoke with our Product Manager and she replied that this is under consideration for a future release. As we get closer, we will share more details. Thanks for taking the time to submit your recommendation.


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