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New Idea

With the old storefronts, we could put all the books on
the page in the order we want them. Now we don't have that option with the new
storefront. I write a lot of series' and I want all my series books to be
listed together. Can't you put that option back? I really don't like that these
just come up my rating or relevance (whatever that means), whatever. I
preferred to choose how they come up. The new spotlight pages are very
inflexible...although I admit I like it better than the old. I just wish it was
more customizable.

 Karen Wiesner

Status: Scheduled for Release
This functionality is currently scheduled for release mid-summer 2014.


Status: Scheduled for Release
by on ‎11-21-2011 10:25

Many who come to Lulu have no idea of what Lulu do, what they use to do it, and what the subsriber/creator has to do on their part.

Can we not have an easy to navigate to 'Educational' area full of things such as >>>

And this >>

And even make this area plainer >>

(Amazes me how people miss that, but they do!)

Status: Scheduled for Release
We are in the process of redesigning our website to include an entire page dedicated to educational resources. This feature is currently scheduled for release mid-summer 2014.

Discount codes.

Status: Scheduled for Release
by millwater on ‎10-19-2011 04:20


-   It would be really useful if we could set discount codes to allow selected resellers and institutions to order directly from Lulu.  Not to mention promotional sales.


-   Right now, the only way I see to do this is to create a duplicate book with restricted access, which is a wee-bit clunky.




Status: Scheduled for Release
Hi Millwater - we are currently working on a feature that will meet this need - including the ability to schedule discounts. Look for it in mid to late summer 2014


Status: Scheduled for Release
by on ‎05-22-2012 07:55

Is it not time > Learn, Discuss and Suggest had tabs on the main navigation bar in place of the single Connect?

Or even better, Call the new tabs > How-To, Forums and Suggestions.

Connect is meaningless really, unless it is a switch or whatever.

But I still say Buy should be disconnected from the create section anyway. Amazon have Createspace, and publish to Kindle, but do you see it in huge tabs? no ...

Status: Scheduled for Release
The tabs will soon be a think of the past. Stay tuned.

The author spotlight URL should be customizable.  This was previously available for the storefront, and we chose to use our company name rather than the logon name.  Since the spotlight insists on using the logon name, the spotlight feature is UNUSABLE to us.  Not only is the URL not how I want to market the books, it is a security issue in giving the public one piece of info to try to break into our logon.

Yes, I have my own website to market the books, but the spotlight feature is something Lulu is clearly putting effort into and should not be unusable and a security hole.

Status: Scheduled for Release
Hello Murjur - we are currently working on a new author storefront page that will allow you to edit your storefront name. In the meantime, you can always submit a customer support request. We will be happy to take care of that for you - even 2.5 years later.
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Revenue posting

Status: Scheduled for Release
by FrancoAmerican on ‎02-07-2014 07:19

Get your accountants, or whoever, under control and post revenue on time. LULU started off the New Year with

late revenue postings, and it looks like this month will be no different. I hope a pattern has not been set, which will persist for the rest of the year. I do not recall such a thing occurring in the past 5 years that I have been working with LULU.


Best regards,

Patrick Cloutier

Status: Scheduled for Release
Hello Patrick - Thank you for your recommendation. The person who receives, reviews, and uploads sales reports was out sick on Friday. He is back in the office today. Sales numbers for Amazon and LSI will begin appearing in your sales reports tonight around 9:00 Eastern US Time. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
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I'll be surprised if this hasn't been asked before.

I have just discovered that you cannot change the name of your spotlight store. Smiley Sad

There should be an option where we can change this.  It will not take any space/room or even real effort.  All the info 'in' the store (the books) stay the same, so changing the bookstore (author's spotlight) name is almost a must.


If not, then at least have the option of say being able to create 3 spotlights per account.  That way the needed 'name change', which I'm sure others would love to do, can be done!

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Old Author Webfront Back

Status: Scheduled for Release
by Kaze96 on ‎12-13-2013 05:21

I miss being able to fully customize my author storefront, and would love for you to consider changing up the spotlight so that complete customization can be done. Obviously it'd be an option for those that know how. Another suggestion I had, sorry for the two posts in quick succession.

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Author Spotlight

Status: Scheduled for Release
by on ‎09-26-2013 09:32

For over three years there have numerous ongoing complaints about the weakness and shortfall's of the design of the New Author Spotlight.

During this time several Lulu staff have made promise after promise that it would be looked at and a replacement created and published.

There are already hundreds of comments on what is wrong and what is needed.

In view of the forthcoming Lulu Brainstorming Session can this subject be seriously discussed and a fixed timescale for resolution be decided on. In preparation perhaps some examples of the old Lulu Storefront be resurrected from the archives so that those relatively new Lulu Staff members understand what we keep wittering on about.

If Lulu don't intend to address the problem perhaps they be honest and upfront and tell us that. 

This problem is my only MAJOR complaint about Lulu and the one that causes me the greatest frustration.

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Lulu really ought to support coupon codes for ebooks. Right now, when I want to offer a discount to folks who attend my presentations, I can't do so through Lulu. As a consequence, we have to bypass Lulu and I sell directly to the user through Paypal.

It would be more convenient for me (and more profitable for Lulu) if you offered the ability for authors to create coupon codes for ebooks in the same way you do for paperbacks.

Status: Scheduled for Release
We are working on a solution that will address this issue. It is currently scheduled for release in mid to late summer 2014. Stay tuned.
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I think it would  be very convenient for customers to be able to sort or search books in a storefront by the type of book they are looking for. Let's say an author published paperbacks, hardcovers, and ebooks. And let's say they published novels and poetry books. It would be a great idea if customers could specify which books they want to see on the page. It would also be great if a certain book is available in many formats that it shows up only once in the storefront and when clicking on that book links to other formats are available. Otherwise there are too many pages to click through.

Status: Scheduled for Release
Hi Loveboulena - we are currently working on new designs and functionality for the author storefronts - including this feature. We are hoping to release it in mid to late summer. Stay tuned...
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Recent revenue info?

Status: Scheduled for Release
by invicta on ‎09-23-2012 07:39

Is it possible lulu could give us the ability to see which country each purchaser is from please?


I'd think the best place to show it would be in the recent revenue section but it would be helpful for me at least to be able to view this info. 

Status: Scheduled for Release
Coming soon to an author storefront near you.
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I would love to be able to create my own coupon, so members of my professional organisation could buy 10 copies at a reduced rate to sell on within their classes, thereby making it viable for them to sell copies and make a small profit themselves. I know I could increase my sales were this possible. Please let me know if you incorporate this suggestion as I will use it immediately. Many thanks, susananh

Status: Scheduled for Release
Hello SJD - we are working on a feature that will allow you to create and schedule promotions from within your account. This feature is scheduled for release in mid to late summer. Stay tuned.

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