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This is what I recently wrote LULU about:


Your policy states that several projects that I currently have within your service cannot be deleted, they can only be retired. I understand the policy and the intent of the policy. The policy was never intended to create an issue for someone who has used LULU in the past for personal projects.

I have multiple projects that were created prior to my full understanding of the LULU editing and revision process. As such, in order to clean up files and make the management of my LULU account easier, I want to delete these projects. But I cannot as these projects have had orders made against them.

The issue is this: I MADE THOSE ORDERS. In other words, the only person impacted by the deletion of these projects and the associated files is ME. Nobody else. None. Nada.

Now, I know the policy. I understand the policy. I understand the *intent* of the policy. What I am asking -- and have asked for in the past -- is in no way a violation of the *intent* of this policy. It may be in violation of the *word*, but the word is (you have to admit) flawed in regard to the *intent* of the policy. In fact, the *word* makes the idea of getting a test-print to check for flaws (e.g., page layout, paper size, etc.) impossible, as you would be forever locked into having to slog through those files forever once you made this test order.

So I ask -- beg -- you to please allow me to delete all of my retired projects, reduce the file counts in my account and better manage my LULU experience prior to my completion of the work I am doing now for my next LULU project.


Status: Backlog

This suggestion was reviewed by our product management team. It was assigned a medium priority and will be reconsidered at a later date.


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