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Setting a "Wholesale" access and price...

Status: Filed
by PaulF on ‎07-31-2012 12:02

Wish those of us doing some of their own marketing and legwork could provide a "wholesale address" to where those I authorize (or give a password/code to) could order one of my projects at a "wholesale" (lower margin) price.  For example, I set a "order from" price of $15, and a "retail channel" price of $18 for a book whose "my cost for printing" is $8...  I'd like to be able to have my local bookstores order the book from Lulu at $10.   This would give bookstores some incentive to stock the book (they can get it "wholesale", even if its not traditional bookseller wholesale rates... it's something under the "retail").

Status: Filed
Hi PaulF - You could create a duplicate copy of your project with a lower price. Set that project to "Private Access" then provide the private access URL to retailers who agree to carry your work. Projects set to Private Access to do not appear in Google searches nor do they appear in searches of the marketplace, so you wouldn't have to worry about other users or fans purchasing at the discounted wholesale rate. I hope this helps.

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