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Ideas about Calendars

Status: New Idea!
by HISOL99 on ‎01-13-2013 08:28


I would like to add to Ulwencreutz on Ideas about the calenders 04-29-2010 04:59 AM.

  • I am planning to create LULU Calendars in many languages: firstly Scandinavian languages and Persian/Arabic. Support for Week names in many languages are needed - a solution would be to have the Week names "blank" so we could fill in any Week names. 
  • So - how about 2-in-1-calendar? Let us say I would have the Badí‘ calendar or Bahá'í Calendar (primary calendar) and the Gregorian calendar (secondary)? Or a Multi Faith Calendar: Jewish/Gregorian or Muslim/Gregorian calendar? 
  • One solution is to have two rows for Week names and an empty matrix of 5 x 7 days (gives 35 days) and two fields for each day where I manually can fill in the primary/secondary calendar. (the Bahá'i, Buddhist, Chinese, Jewish, Gregorian and Muslim calendars would fit in a 5 x 7 day matrix). 
  • The primary calendar should have another font size option. (se example under)
  • If it is not possible to make empty matrix (5 x 7 days) with fields for primary/secondary calendars we should have an option to insert our own images (from Photoshop/InDesign etc). Then guidelines and templates would be necessary. 
  • The minimum and maximum font size and font attributes shold be specified for a 2-in-1-calendar. 
  • Also graphical symbols could be added for marking Holy Days or marking Observances. 
  • I understand that there will be limited space for writing down events, but this could be solved with foot notes or a system of shortening words.  



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