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Photo books, cookbooks and poetry books are available in "compact" and "wallet" sizes, which are rather cute actually. However, they currently require purchase as a set of three or four identical books, respectively. It would be nice to be able to buy/sell just a single book rather than several copies.

I don't know if this is due to some technical issue when printing these, but I think it limits the usefulness of these book sizes in an online store. While it may be convenient to purchase a set if you plan to give them away as gifts, I cannot think of many scenarios where a potential customer may want to buy a set of three or four identical books.

Status: Heard this before
Hi AnnKat - this has been discussed and recommended previously. Since our printers must be able to quickly produce quality print runs of individual books (i.e. print quantity = 1) there are some limitations in their abilities to print, trim, and bind a single book at this size at an affordable price. Hence the reason they are only available as photo / poetry books ineligible for retails distribution.

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