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Better Customer Service

Status: Filed
by tsullivanphoto on ‎12-20-2011 09:27

After placing an order with Lulu on December 5th for Christmas gifts, I only recieved 4 out of the 5 items I ordered. I understand mistakes happen, so I sent a help request through your online form on December 10th thinking it would be quickly resolved. I have since experienced nothing but frustration.

1. When filling out the online form to request help, the options did not even remotely match my issue. Under "order status" I selected "I have recieved my order", but then the options under "What's the problem?" read as follows:

  • Item is damaged
  • Item has a print defect
  • Item has not shipped
  • Item has not yet arrived

Keep in mind this is after I've already select "I have recieved my order", so two of those four options don't even apply! I ended up having to select "Item has a print defect" even though it didn't, because there was no option to tell you the order was missing an item.

2. I then recieved an automated response asking for a picture and stating I would hear from Lulu within 4 business days. Surely I'll hear from them sooner, I thought. Nope. I didn't hear anything at all back from Lulu until the end of the day on December 15th, 4 whole business days later. Lulu, this is ridiculous. It should NOT take 4 whole entire business days to acknowledge a mistake with an order and rectify it. Especially not during the Christmas rush. I have never dealt with any other company that makes their customers wait nearly a week for any response from customer service. And with no way to call, we have no choice but to sit and wait! This is completely unacceptable.

3. The response I finally recieved on December 15th stated that a new order was being placed for me and that I would be provided shipping information once it was sent. Super.

4. It's now December 20th. I have heard nothing else from Lulu since that email on December 15th. I have recieved no tracking number. I've reached out via Twitter and Facebook and recieved no responses. I am extremely frustrated that it's taken 10 days and counting to have the missing item shipped to me, something that should have been a very simple request. That odds that this Christmas gift will arrive in time for Christmas are quickly dwindling. What's worse, there is no contact information on the website to talk to a person via phone or directly via email, so I have no way to tell Lulu how disgusted I am with their poor customer service other than to share it in this "idea forum".

So my idea for Lulu is this: better customer service! Give customers a phone number to reach a real, live human being. Acknowledge customer help requests within one business day or less. Rectify help requests faster. Respond to customers via Twitter and Facebook. Update your help request forms to better fit the range of problems your customers could experience. Provide a form or email address for general feedback so that your customers can tell you when they are unhappy and disappointed. Do something to make unhappy customers happy again.

Until these changes are made, I will not be using Lulu's services again and I will not be recommending Lulu to anyone I know.

Status: Filed
Glad we could help you, Theresa, happy holidays!

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