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Studio default inconsistent with base price

Status: Filed
by on ‎11-19-2012 08:09

The base price for photo books etc is for a 20-page book, and Studio opens with 20 numbered pages as the default, so it appears that it will create a book at base price. However, for anything but the smallest sizes it will actually result in a 21-page book due to the extra title page, and cost more than the base price to print. While that extra title page isn't counted in the page numbers in Studio, it certainly is counted in calculating the purchase price. So what one has to do to get a 20-page photo book at base price is to remove page 20 from the default Studio layout and just leave the title page and pages 1-19.

This is rather confusing and I suggest fixing it. There are several possibilities. Based on other suggestions and comments about it, the preferred solutions seem to be:

  • Remove the title page entirely
  • Renumber the pages to count the title page as page 1 and remove the page that then becomes page 21
  • Don't charge for the extra title page; only charge for pages the user creates
Status: Filed

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