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Calendar Creative Freedom with blank Themes

Status: New Idea!
by HISOL99 ‎07-24-2014 06:32 - edited ‎04-14-2016 06:59



I hope you can look further into the wall calendar issue for non Gregorian wall calendars.


It would be soo great to have blank templates, so we can freely design our own wall calendars, that is not following the Gregorian standard months, weeks and days.


Next  Bahá'i year, year 172 B.E (Bahá'í Era), will start at sunset 20 March 2015 A.D., and with 19 Months I cannot use Lulu for making new wall calendars if there is no possible way to bypass the 12 Month limitation. As  you can see from the letter from the Bahá'í World Centre, the Universal House of Justice says that the Bahá'ís worldwide will now begin to use a common calendar. A large calendar book, is not so great. A wall calendar is a far more interesting product. It also would be great to have larger sized wall calendars than 13’ x 19”.


I need to design up to 22 pages: nineteen months + one for intercalendary days (4 or 5 days) + cover page and back (end) page.  Probably up to 24 calendar pages + cover and back page, a total of 26 pages would be great, then you can make a 2-year Gregorian calendar. Hopefullay you can have a new wall calendar layout and design ready so that Jews, Muslims, Bahá'ís, Christian Orthodox, Chinese, Korean, Hindus etc. can use Lulu for making a beautiful world of a wide range of new wall calendars. :-)


Do you need betatesters? I'm the first to volunteer as volunteer beta tester!


Also - if you know more about if Lulu will support Filofax refill calendar sizes. That would be so nice to make print-on-demand refill pages for all Filofax users. 


I understand well that Lulu probably do not want to prioritize this type of flexible calendars, but there is a growing market to look at ...


We'll have to wait and see.


I look forward to hear good news about more alternatives and simpler ways to make non-standard wall calendars from Lulu. 


The front cover page is one image - so why not make all other pages as images, and let us choose up to 20 flexible calendar pages (as images) + cover/back pages. 






Kind regards,






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Calendar Creative Freedom with blank Themes

by HISOL99 ‎03-12-2014 05:54 - edited ‎03-12-2014 06:04


I am preparing my calendars for next year and I need 20 Calendar pages with 19 Months + Intercalary Days = 20 pages + cover pages (Front / Back side).

Today Lulu have a limitation of 12 Gregorian Months. It would be great to have a blank Calendar Theme with no preset Date Range so I can design my Wall Calendar as I wish with my calendar images. This option with a blank calendar part would give flexibility for many calendar makers.

Also the pages could be printed on both sides, to save papers or to have photos with descriptions, a history or another image / text combination on each photo's back side. Depend on the paper quality.


Calendar Creative Freedom shown below:



















Look forward to hear what you think.

Best regards,

Harald Indgul, Stockholm Sweden


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Dear Lulu,


Many thanks for having calendars we can make for friends.  Your themes have got to be some sort of hold over design from Windows 98, shucks, even that is a compliment.  I could not find one calendar theme that I could possibly use, I'm really not a picky person based on what my suggestion is below to improve this section. 

Brain fart:  how about just plain white?  Black?  Blue, etc.. I mean, literally nothing is better than what you are offering right now.  Trust me on this--your sales will sky rocket.  You can still keep the themes, i'm sure some people love them--no offense people.  However, if you want a project with your own art work and photographs to sell on calendars--how do any of your existing themes work?  At best they're boy/girl calendars for babies (cute) at worst their some sort of faux art deco 1980s trip. 

Okay, that's it for now.  Get on it and let me know if you can install a feature as "no theme" and I'll make a calendar, promise. Until then I'm just going to sit over here and pout. 


Status: Considering
Hi Alexis, thanks for your suggestion. New themes for the calendar wizard is certainly something we'll consider for the future. Thanks for using Lulu!

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