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Shipping Costs

Status: Heard this before
by edentootoo on ‎03-11-2011 03:55

It's difficult to find/understand the shipping costs for books. I was told by a support technician that I would have to build the entire (photo) book in order to get a price at check out.  Of course, that's not a reality when one is investigating sources for a large quantity retail venture.

It's the only site that I have had any diffculty accessing shipping charges, which is so basic. Site navigation for shipping is awkward. My suggestion is to have a look at Blurb's fast, efficient and user friendly system.  

It's such a shame as I was very impressed with the size options.

Status: Heard this before

Hi edentootoo, thanks for your suggestion! We already having a print cost calculator so you may want to start there. Someone else already suggested a shipping cost calculator and its something we'll definitely consider for the future. Thanks for using Lulu!


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