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I've just spent 20 minutes ordering 20 copies of my book. It should have taken under 5 minutes.

- Clicking along each page of the delivery address and payment method selection etc. is painfully slow.

- There is a discrepancy between the Expiry date of the '20420' discount code on the 'current-specials' page and when entered in the ordering process - 31 Mar vs. 28 Feb - which is worrying.

- The first time I clicked Place Order, after a long delay the server reported an error and kicked me off. After logging back in I entered the same details and it went through.

Your website processes are clear, complete and helpful. It is a shame to spoil the buying experience with slow servers and inaccurate detail.

Have others had similar experiences?

Status: We Did It!
Hello Cordyline - Thank you for your recommendation. I alerted both the Marketing and IT teams of your suggestion and concerns. The expiration date for the coupon code has been corrected. Additionally, we are already investigating the causes of the slow checkout process when applying coupons.

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