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Expanding search functionality

Status: Filed
by selcuk on ‎11-08-2012 04:04

There are many books on Lulu which are free but there is no way to serach them.

My suggestion is to expand to serach functionality in order to reach free books easily. This encourage people to read more for free and promote authors otrher non-free books and created traffic for Lulu.

Suirely the technology behing Lulu should provide with this functionality.


I hope I am not alone.





Status: Filed
Hello Selcuk - thank you for taking the time to submit your recommendation. At this time we have no plans to include a search by price option. However, there are many Lulu authors who offer their work at no cost either due to their innate generosity or as part of a temporary marketing strategy. Hopefully, you will stumble upon many such titles that interest you when browsing the hundreds of thousands titles offered in the Lulu marketplace.
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Calendar shop improvements

Status: New Idea!
by on ‎07-11-2012 10:46

I've been browsing the shop a bit to see what kind of calendars people offer on Lulu and have run into a few things that could use improvement. So this is a collection of several ideas/suggestions.

1) Update the listings to show calendars relevant to the current date

First of all, I would suggest to update that page a bit. All the "New on Lulu" calendars I was offered to look at were outdated, often calendars for 2008 and 2009. Those are hardly what I would consider new. "Lulu Staff Picks" were generally a bit more recent, e.g. 2010 and 2011. However, I can't imagine anyone looking at the site in mid-2012 would consider buying any of those calendars. I would expect the "new" listing to offer mostly if not exclusively at this point calendars for 2013. There are plenty already on Lulu if you search for them, but none of them showing on the shop page.

Connected to that, it might be sensible to actually hide outdated calendars in the shop listings. In contrast to books, calendars have a built-in expiration date. A potential customer visiting the shop is not going to look for a 2008 calendar to buy in 2012. Yet, the page and subcategories consistently only offered me outdated material to look at.

It also would be nice to see the "Spotlight" calendar refresh instead of consistently offering the same old calendar suggestion. While this calendar is typically the most recently dated of all the ones offered on that page, it is for 2012 and thus no longer of much interest for potential customers as we're already more than halfway through the year.

2) Improve searching and sorting options for calendars

To make matters worse, it is almost impossible to quickly find recent calendars via search as sorting by date seems to be broken. Searching or browsing for calendars brings up lists that are unsorted in regards to dates. Choosing to sort by publication date using the drop down menu does not result in a sorted list either. The calendar years are still jumbled around, e.g. starting with 2008, jumping to 2011, going back to 2010 etc. This sorting function does not seem to work for me.

Clicking on the " Date" search option and then choosing a publication time frame consistently results in a "Sorry, your search did not match any of the interesting content on Lulu." notice. Example: I've tried to search for "cat" calendars published within the last year and saw that error message. There are plenty of cat calendars that were published on Lulu over the last year. This search option fails to find any of them. It also fails for all other searches I've tried. I wonder if the "interesting" in that notice is maybe the keyword and calendars are lacking any sort of "interesting" flag on Lulu. Whatever is causing the failure, it still fails to offer anything at all to a potential customer.

It would vastly improve the ability to find calendars of interest if it was possible to sort the listings by date with the newest on top. The most reasonable way to sort calendars might be by calendar year or starting date, with the newest showing first. It would be great to have a link or search function pointing to all 2013 calendars, for example.

Status: New Idea!
Hi AnnKat - Thank you for taking the time to submit such a detail recommendation. We recently implemented some improvements to the commerce area of our website focusing on books that possibly could be applied to the Studio area of I will pass along your suggestions to the appropriate Product Manager for consideration in a future release. Thank you for using Lulu.
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Improve search and spotlight interaction

Status: Filed
by on ‎11-02-2011 04:46

Someone else already suggested that the search should have advanced search features, but I have another. Right now author spotlights are really hard to get to. The search on Lulu's main page doesn't allow searching by products (that is restricted to the buy button, which makes it too hard for random visitors to find.


Also, the option to search by author isn't revealed until after you have the result view, it should be in the pulldown menu (or the suggested advanced search).


Finally, clicking an author's name in the search results will redirect you to results by that author, when I would expect it to take me to their storefront/spotlight. To get there you have to select a title and click the visit author spotlight option on the product page. That is too many clicks, so I hope you will improve this, Lulu Staff



Stijn Hommes

Status: Filed
Hi Stijn, thanks for your suggestion. We may look into improving our search functionality in the future. Thanks for using Lulu!

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